The physician eligibility process is very complex and time-consuming. If credentialing requirements are not overseen diligently, it can take a lot of time to get completed with delays reimbursements.

At PRG Inc. the practices are faced with numerous challenges in the form of low revenues and ever-increasing costs. The credentialing process is designed to remove credentialing issues from this list of challenges while reducing costs and making space for valuable administrative time. Time-tested approach is used to streamline issues relating to credentialing and enrollment process.
PRG Inc. provides physician credentialing and enrollment services to physicians and medical practices both large and small. For our Practice Management Clients, we provide credentialing and enrollment services at our cost.

We offer the following services to medical practitioners:

• New practice setup in all 50 states
• Adding additional providers to a current practice
• Re-attestation of CAQH
• Medicare enrollment and revalidation
• EDI Setup
• ERA Setup

• EFT Setup
• Address changes/updates
• Credentialing covering all 50 states and major insurance companies
• Help prepare & submit enrollment applications
• In Network & Out of Network decision making
• Fee schedule review & compliance

We offer the following services to medical practitioners:

• Regular updates
• Personalize account representative
• Regular follow up with insurance carriers

• Guidance & Education
• Unmatched customer service