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How confident are you in your staff’s skills, abilities, and performance? Is it time for a staff assessment to identify who are operating at maximum capacity and who isn’t?

A staff can make or break your practice. In fact, some studies suggest that the typical healthcare practice loses approximately $50,000 in revenue annually just from poor telephone management skills.

Physicians Revenue Group can help!

We can help you identify the problems in your office systems/processes and train your staff onsite. Meanwhile, your staff will learn internal marketing strategies. Most of all, they’ll learn how to make the right impression during a patient’s “defining moment,” as soon as they are moved from your reception area into your office.

A variety of internal marketing strategies are utilized when we diagnose your particular situation. An action plan is developed with your staff to enforce ongoing and consistent initiatives for generating patient referrals.

Our Practice Analyst will train, develop and motivate your staff in the following customer service skills:

  • Front Desk Training
  • Professional image
  • Telephone skills that retain patients
  • Efficient scheduling
  • Productive office flow
  • Effective front desk collections
  • Handling difficult situations