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Most of the doctors trust that little should be possible about declining reimbursements from Managed Care Payers. They choose that the best way to enhance their cash flow position is to cut expenses and work extra hours. Nothing could be further from reality!

Whether you are simply a new practice or an established practice, negotiating better rates for your services can improve your income. It should be possible, and you don’t need to hold up until your agreement is fulfilled to renegotiate the terms. You can ask for renegotiation with any payer whenever, and most of the cases the payers would be open to negotiations.

If you sit on the contract & do not re-negotiate, you miss on the opportunity on earning countless dollars over a span of time.

We at PRG Inc. help physicians & medical practices earn more by helping them negotiate and re-negotiate their contracts.

With our years of experience, we have designed and developed extensive modeling structures and analyses to support the payer contracting process and ongoing contract negotiations. We have extensive knowledge of reimbursement methodologies and regulations for both government and commercial payers as well as thorough knowledge of general healthcare operations.