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Medical billing involves a lot of paperwork that shall be managed appropriately. Otherwise, it will lead to false claim submissiaons and reduced workflow efficiency. When a provider outsources medical billing services, managing the patients’ bills and carrying out clean claim submissions becomes easy. This also helps to handle surprise billing situations like out-of-network and uninsured payment procedures, which keep the bills out of errors. We at Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. let you maximize your reimbursements with spontaneous payment channels and successful claim processing. Because we consider medical billing as the primary touch point, so we effectively work to put your revenue in a consistent flow.

Common Billing Errors - Without Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing billing makes insurance eligibility verification smooth, flawless, and hassle-free. Our medical billing service providers make insurance eligibility verification the easiest job. We at Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. work to reduce worries of your billing operations with a skillful team of medical billers who actively involve themselves with the modern pursuit of the healthcare regulatory authorities and organize each medical billing case according to advanced healthcare standards. Physicians outsource their billing processes to a medical billing service provider precisely for variable reasons given below:

1. Missing or incorrect patient information

Negligence while filling out the registration forms of patients will result in mistakes like digits in the policy number and the spelling of the patient’s name.

2. Incorrect code

When the billers add fewer or more codes than expected for the described diagnosis, treatment, or symptom, these are deemed incorrect. The code permanently deleted or changed from the patient’s health record system is also termed incorrect.

3. Wrong or switched number

The codes are very complicated yet necessary to write with negligible typo mistakes like adding an extra zero or switching two numbers otherwise, it becomes switched code or wrong code.

4. Duplicate charge

When a diagnostic test is charged more than once, then it results to be known as a duplicate charge.

5. Service not received

A service not acquired shall not be charged as well. It happens when a patient is incorrectly charged for a service that does not occur during the doctor’s visit.

6. Unbundled charges

When a group of particular codes occurs, it should be charged as a single code. A bundled code shall never be discrete down in separate charges. Such problems need to be promptly uncovered.

7. Upcoding

Upcoding occurs when a wrong code is used, which results in a medical procedure more expensive than you received. No matter how it happens, performing upcoding is wrong and illegal.

8. Incorrect Balance Billing

Once you get the money required to carry out a procedure or treatment, you may have left behind with some balance. Double-check the changes with the help of the insurance carrier and correct them back.

9. Mismatched diagnosis/treatment codes

The claim will be rejected if the diagnosis and treatment code mismatch with the service provided. Otherwise, the code will indicate another procedure, which will not match back.


No medical practice wishes to delay the submission and processing of claims and deviate the focus of the administrative staff from other important responsibilities. Often, bills get stuck in cumbersome AR workflows and go unpaid, leading to lost or delayed profits. Only skillful medical billing experts can enhance productivity, leading to heightened patient experiences, better reviews, and more referrals. In this case, you can trust Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., with enough expertise to fulfill your medical billing responsibilities and reduce costly billing mistakes. Following are a few ways through which any healthcare organization can improve its billing strategy:

Automate for Healthcare Billing Efficiency

Automation leads to advancement, and you can incorporate serval automotive platforms like EHR software to track patients coding updates, payment reminders, and individual claim processing. In this way, the healthcare staff can focus more on the crucial aspects and let you gain maximum benefit for increasing the revenue cycle.

Stick to a Collections Policy

There are several ways to integrate a unified collection system that works well for doctors and patients. Gather patients’ copay before they visit the doctor because it helps healthcare organizations to collect money with discounted charges. If the patients pay out-of-pocket, they must be responsible for paying at the exact time of acquiring services. Whatever collection system you select shall remain transparent and consistent at all times.

Keep Patient Information Updated

To keep the billing system advanced, by all means, it is necessary to upgrade the patient’s information regularly. All that information is required when submitting a claim and collecting payment from the insurance-providing companies. It helps patients by providing updated information on insurance coverage when they check in for a new appointment.

Tract Denials to Identify Problems

Getting denied claims is normal until it starts occurring frequently. There can be several reasons for claim denials, including patients, providers, and payers’ inefficiency. But keeping the errors on track allows the medical practice to prevent the common flaws from reoccurring and simultaneously improve the processes. Some of the most common causes of denials or errors are:

  • Inappropriate supporting documentation
  • Missing physicians credentialing details
  • Wrong use of service codes

Use the Right vendors and Software

Software is integrated into the healthcare system to increase the efficiency of the medical billing workflow. Software shall be selected after their efficiency to adjust with different platforms. You need to train your staff about using every software integration to enjoy the maximum benefits of the software.


Advancement is the key to growth; the same goes for healthcare organizations. Outsourcing to the best medical billing company, like Physicians Revenue Group, Inc, is necessary to efficiently fulfill the staffing and administrative gap in hospitals and medical practices. We combine our experience, technology, and service to provide the most advanced and affordable billing services with negligible chances of errors. We ensure maximum accuracy in your clinical documentation, no matter what size your healthcare organization is.



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