Is your practice HIPAA Compliant? A beginner’s guide towards meeting the standard

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was presented as an approach to simplify healthcare and reduce costs. Since its enactment, the healthcare industry has seen a dynamic shift in the standardization of patient data with strict compliance. With HIPAA gaining federal mandate, medical business owners are required to follow and implement HIPAA (Health […]

Chronic Care Management: The Missing Piece In Coordinated Care?

The healthcare industry is in constant transition in attempts to provide better integrated patient care. Patients with multiple chronic conditions are one of the largest groups whom are deeply impacted by the lack of communication among providers. The absence of coordinated care for these patients has resulted in several unwanted consequences, such as a high […]

Protecting ePHI: A Change in Traditional PHI Security

HIPAA regulations demand organizations who qualify as covered entities to launch security measures that mitigate risk factors to a reasonable level. Stolen documents/goods and malfunctioning computers are common problems these days, and are reported on daily basis. If your organization deals with Protected Health Information, HIPAA stresses on considering careful measures that’ll mitigate security hazards. […]

Medicare for All: A Potential Transformation in the Healthcare Landscape

A never-ending debate among policymakers is access to healthcare. Growth in health spending has skyrocketed and shows no signs of slowing down. According to Forbes, approximately 27.6 million Americans are with no health insurance as of 2018. Having consistent access to care increases the chances of early detection of illnesses and better management of chronic […]

Increasing Your Practice Productivity with Existing Staff

There are many benefits that come along with cross training of your staff. In the healthcare industry, having cross-trained employees is valuable and can really help increase productivity levels. Investing in cross-training furthermore increases job satisfaction among employees. By empowering employees to learn beyond their typically assigned tasks, you are teaching them to take ownership. […]

Retain Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Patients

  There is always room for improvement in the healthcare industry. Every patient will not always be satisfied, but they will give you an idea of what is working. Your practice might have patients who have been coming to you for years. As a medical provider, you may be the only option in town for […]

Avoiding Timely Filing Limit: How to Stop Your Practice from Losing Revenue

One of the biggest nightmares for a medical practice is a pile of pending claims. Timely filing is one of the major factors that costs healthcare professionals millions of dollars every week. When it comes to timely filing, every insurance payer has its own claim submission guidelines that varies from state to state. The deadline […]

How Digital Marketing Is Taking Over Healthcare Marketing

With the innovation of technology, there have been major transformations in nearly every industry, including healthcare. Over the last two decades, internet availability and usage has become a widespread phenomenon. Colossal amounts of information available at your fingertips has attracted users of all ages. The internet has also become a growing medium of communication worldwide, […]

How to Make Most of Twitter for Healthcare Business and Medical Practices

Healthcare providers are perennial learners. From inconsequential drivel to an information powerhouse, Twitter has come a long way. Being a versatile tool, Twitter offers quite different ways for it to be utilized. Apart from being a social media platform, healthcare practices can incorporate Twitter to reach masses and be informative at the same time. The […]


The burden of managing patients with chronic conditions has always been a concern for CMS. The number of Medicare beneficiaries is projected to reach over 30 million by 2030, which is around 54 million as of 2018.  Currently 2/3 of Medicare population is having multiple chronic conditions. Federal data suggests that more than 85% of […]