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Cardiovascular Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is a billing company specifically working with multiple healthcare specialties. We offer top-of-the-line cardiovascular medical billing services in the USA. The revenue stream of your cardiovascular services directly relates to timely billing operations, on-time follow-ups, and reimbursements. For the business aspect of your medical services, it remains crucial to outsource medical billing services to a reputed billing company like PRG. Your revenue cycle management must be handled by industry professionals who are experienced in cardiovascular billing.

Why Choose PRG as your Cardiovascular Billing Company?

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is a leading cardiovascular billing company in the USA. If you are a medical provider with a practice of any size, rest assured that our medical billing solutions are customizable to meet your unique needs. PRG has proven experience working with long and short-term care facilities. We have worked with stand-alone hospitals to entire healthcare systems with differentiating and multiple specialties. By outsourcing your cardiovascular medical billing operations to us, you get access to numerous worthy assets. The top reasons to outsource operations to a third-party billing company like us include our promise of HIPAA-compliant cardiovascular medical billing services and top-line tools and technologies. Our experts collaborate with your team and are available 24/7 to answer queries, in addition to providing on-time billing services. Get tailored and affordable cardiovascular medical billing services for stress-free and smooth billing operations. 

Optimize your cardiovascular practice's revenue cycle

with our expert billing services.

Our Value Proposition as a Cardiovascular Billing Company

Billing and auditing experts at PRG put multiple years experience to use. Our team works to improve your revenue cycle with experience gained from working with world-class cardiovascular facilities. We repeat end-to-end analysis for potholes in your billing operations and recommend practical solutions to boost your income. We help get your focus back to your patients while we take care of your billing operations.

Outsource Cardiovascular Billing to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

PRG offers years of expertise in Medical Billing Services, provider credentialing, and auditing services for healthcare practices in the USA. Our in-house professional cardiovascular billing experts will leverage accurate billing and auditing practices to get you timely and maximum reimbursements. We specialize in a wide range of medical billing services, catering to various specialties including cardiovascular care, chiropractic services, and many more. Your practice’s billing needs are in expert hands with our comprehensive expertise.

We offer extensive cardiovascular medical billing services in addition to custom billing services. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Insurance Eligibility and Verification

In this, we process patient verification and check their eligibility for cardiovascular services benefits under their specific insurance policies. We also ensure that the patient plan meets pre-authorization and referral requirements. Post the checking process, and we calculate the co-payment and amount of deductible. We offer enhanced cash flow, timely reimbursements, and insurance eligibility verification, along with superior billing services.

Provider Credentialing Services

Credentialing is an important stage in RCM, and it determines how a provider is associated with the payers. This procedure allows patients to use insurance cards for cardiovascular treatments.

Cardiovascular Billing & Analysis

Our billing experts review multiple sources in the patient files, including the physicians’ transcription, imaging, and diagnostic reports. This is done to verify the services rendered and assign relevant codes.

Cardiovascular Services Collection & Denial Analysis

Denials lead to significant losses for medical practices; thus, it is imperative to keep track of them. The team at PRG works to determine the reasons for denials, fix errors, and then resubmit the claims, all within the allowed timeframe. Additionally, the resulting gaps are addressed immediately if and when claims are denied due to a lack of information.

AR Follow Up

Keeping track and following up on accounts receivable instances becomes time-consuming and somewhat complex. Therefore, we persistently take up unpaid claims to keep AR days to a minimum. Plus, our staff ensures that the underpaid or refused claims are appealed immediately.

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. Your Cardiovascular Billing Partner

Our cardiovascular billing services include payment posting, demographics, and charge entry services. Additionally, our experts process faster payments by setting up an ERA system, getting more referrals, reducing revenue leakage & denials, and identifying provider trends.

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