Increasing Your Practice Productivity with Existing Staff

There are many benefits that come along with cross training of your staff. In the healthcare industry, having cross-trained employees is valuable and can really help increase productivity levels. Investing in cross-training furthermore increases job satisfaction among employees. By empowering employees to learn beyond their typically assigned tasks, you are teaching them to take ownership.

The great thing about cross-training is that it can be performed by practices of all sizes- big and small. Many employers have the impression that they would have to invest large amounts of money in order to cross-train their employees or develop new skills. However, smaller practices can cross-train employees in some basic areas by setting aside some time a few hours a month. For example, teach your staff common insurance questions that they can assist patients with if the front desk is busy. For a smaller practice, it is important to make sure everyone in the office is trained to answer the phone. Simple tasks like these can make a big difference when everyone is able to lend a hand during busy times.

Investing in cross-training makes sure that everyone in the office understands what it takes to run a practice. This can help to decrease any misunderstanding between employees as it teaches them more about one another’s roles within the practice. The idea of cross-training is to teach employees how to collaborate and be able to better troubleshoot issues that may arise. Furthermore, it allows a practice to continue functioning even if an employee is absent without having to bring in someone new.

As an employer, it is important to keep in mind that there is a fine line between cross-training an employee and expecting them to constantly do the job of two people. Abusing cross-training can lead to resentment and a toxic work environment for everyone involved. However, when implemented appropriately, a practice can continuously reap its benefits.