How Digital Marketing Is Taking Over Healthcare Marketing

With the innovation of technology, there have been major transformations in nearly every industry, including healthcare. Over the last two decades, internet availability and usage has become a widespread phenomenon. Colossal amounts of information available at your fingertips has attracted users of all ages. The internet has also become a growing medium of communication worldwide, allowing users to interact with each other in an economical manner.

This has also become a game changer for the marketing industry. With social media around every corner, using the cyber world to expand any business is a no brainer. It is cost effective, convenient, and allows you to reach a larger audience in comparison to traditional marketing methods. When used properly, it allows any business not to grow in the local market only but also globally.


Today, more than 80% of the adult population have access to smartphones and internet and they are most likely to spend half of their day on them. The internet has changed the way people seek the information. Health related queries are the third most commonly searched terms. In contrast to its counterparts, online marketing can bring faster results and return on investment, this puts the smaller and newer practices on equal footings with competitors.
After evaluating numerous struggling medical practices, we deduct that they were unable to adapt with the rapid changes that have impacted traditional marketing methods. Their inability to retain and attract new patients has put them in an unstable financial situation.

Online reviews play a crucial role for medical practices when it comes to potential patients. Patients are more likely to visit a place they have read online reviews about, especially when it comes to something as personal as their health. Social media provides you with the appropriate platform and opportunity to stay connected with the right audience. Using reasonable media campaigns, implementing a marketing strategy, and maintaining an active online presence can truly transform your practice.

Here at Physicians Revenue Group, our digital marketing team is helping providers to implement these changes in order to grow their practices and maximize revenue. Our website audits are a great way to identify areas of improvement and ways to increase patient engagement.