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Infectious Disease Medical Billing Services

Billing operations for infectious diseases is a detailed and complex process that becomes rather challenging to manage internally by clinics or independent medical practices. A professional and leading infectious disease medical billing services provider like Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. can assist in keeping track of the latest regulations. Our team of experts has over two decades of experience in providing medical billing services across the USA. Staying on top of the current advancements in the medical billing industry can save your clinic, hospital, or practice time and resources while ensuring timely payments. When you outsource your audit, credentialing, and billing operations to a top-of-the-line billing firm, you get to focus more on what is important, which is running your practice smoothly.

Why should you outsource to an Infectious Disease Billing Company?

The complexity in billing operations for infectious diseases stems from multifaceted issues. The major challenge that most infectious disease practices face includes the thousands of pathogens that are the primary cause of infectious diseases. The treatment of such conditions is often dependent on multiple methods. Each factor adds to the complexity of assigning relevant billing codes, which increases the possibility of errors. The primary issue lies in the variety of infectious diseases, owing to which even doctors face problems with a proper diagnosis. In accordance with the sheer number of infectious disease categories, added complexities and the changing documentation with coding guidelines, most practices get overwhelmed. Infectious disease medical billing is tedious and significantly prone to errors, which costs large and small practices time and money. Outsourcing to a third-party professional infectious disease billing company shall reduce the burden with proper billing and billing audit services that will let you focus more on your patients.

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Physicians Revenue Group is an Infectious Disease Billing Specialist Firm

Every medical professional knows that accurate billing and claims submission is important for getting timely reimbursements. Still, they find themselves surrounded by numerous pitfalls hindering reimbursements for infectious disease claims. Outsourcing to a third-party medical billing company specializing in complex infectious diseases can reduce billing errors and skyrocket your revenue. In addition to our exceptional infectious disease billing services, we offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of specialties, including internal medicine, to optimize revenue and streamline healthcare billing processes.

Errors and Challenges of Infectious Disease Medical Billing Services

Medical practitioners are faced with common errors and challenges in infectious disease billing. Below are some of them with specific ways to avoid them:

Up and Down Coding

Upcoding refers to the act of billing for a more expensive treatment or procedure than what was performed, while on the other hand, down coding is filing a claim for a less expensive procedure. Both of these are illegal and could lead to charges of fraud. To avoid such instances, billing practices must partner with third-party billing companies to ensure services rendered match the submitted codes.

Incomplete Documentation

Incorrect or incomplete documentation leads to claims denials, which result in delayed payments. To curb this, it is essential to ensure all relevant information is included in the medical records, supporting the relevant billing codes.

Verifying Insurance Coverage

Failure in insurance coverage verification results in loss of revenue through denied claims. To avoid this, it is imperative to run insurance coverage verification before offering treatment or services. It is also vital to update patients’ insurance data regularly.

Unbundling for Billing

Unbundling refers to billing for every component of a bundled-up procedure independently; while this results in higher reimbursement rates, it is illegal. This illegality shall lead to fraud charges. It is essential to bill for bundled procedures through a single code to avoid such instances. Additionally, it is important that the services offered match the submitted codes.

Faulty Coding

Faulty or incorrect coding leads to claims denials, resulting in delayed payments. To avoid this, leverage the expertise of professional billing and auditing services, as third-party billing companies thoroughly understand the billing and coding guidelines.

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By avoiding common errors and challenges, medical infectious disease providers can improve billing accuracy, minimize claim denials, and boost revenue. Partner with Physicians Revenue Group for the best infectious disease medical billing services today!

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