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Medical Billing in Iowa (IA)

An exceptional rate of claim acceptance is achievable with the proven expertise of our skilled medical billers. Improve your claims’ turnaround time by limiting the chances of errors in your bills. Get help from our insightful experts to submit clear claims in minimum time. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. increases your peace of mind so you can provide excellent patient care.

Perks of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. in Iowa

We have expert guidelines and certifications related to all exclusive billing tasks. We resolve the complex billing steps to grow your practice like an expert. Our billing procedure is acknowledged by skilled medical billers with wide-ranging professional experience. Outsourcing Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. liberates you from billing and claim follow-ups. Take care of your patients’ health while we streamline your practices’ revenue cycle management. Here is a list of benefits that you will get as a result of outsourcing medical billing services from Physicians Revenue Group:

  • HIPAA compliant (Complete Data and Document Security).
  • Save operating costs per employee.
  • Highly skilled professional support
  • Real-time reports
  • Innovative software
  •  Access to Certified Experts
  • Timely filed claims
  •  Strict quality control
  •  Information security policies
  • Less turnaround time
  • Billing across 40+ specialties
  • 100% transparency in the data processing

Improve Your Claims' Turnaround Time

Outsource to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Why do Providers Prefer our Medical Billing Services Across Iowa?

We deliver quality results to add value to your practices’ revenue and performance. We prioritize your concerns and never escape from our designed responsibilities and we can run your medical practice forever with long-term provider retention. Our policies are designed in favor of providers. Get affordable medical billing services from PRG to speed up your billing tasks. We prefer safety while exchanging patients’ data with the payors community through our reliable networking software.

Quick Charge Entry

Zero errors during the charge entry procedure indicate perfect denial administration. We offer a well-structured procedure for charge entry to ensure absolute revenue growth. We optimize your revenue cycle to supercharge your practice performance.

Electronic Claim Submission

No need to worry about the turnaround time and manual work consumed while submitting paper claims. If you use an electronic claim submission system, our software will handle the majority of the job for you. We manage your claims for quick submission and denial management.

Unpaid Claim Follow Up

We speed up your account receivables by taking the proper follow-up of unpaid claims. We help you to reduce the “aging” of outstanding accounts with our skillful expertise and file a claim within 72 hours from the time service is rendered.

Preparing Patient Statement

We took an appropriate method to bill and cut the total cost and save time. You utilize the conventional ways to print patients’ statement workflow. It increases the patients’ satisfaction while providing your patients with a fully electronic billing and payment experience.

Customized Billing Reports

Custom reports are essential to accurately assess certain aspects that impact your revenue cycle. We manage your medical billing, patient pre-collections, and claims denial corrections via centralized billing reports. Bespoke reporting provides user-centric data and metrics for easy comparison of total collections. We analyze the historical patterns of your billing procedures to notice the practice’s improvement.

Streamlining Your Practice for Better Rewards

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. decreases your AR days by automating payments for rapid receivables. We execute the billing services in compliance with HIPAA guidelines and regulations. Get optimal payment acceptance by incorporating our cutting-edge billing techniques into your healthcare system. Our experienced billing staff members are experts in finding loopholes in your revenue cycle. In this way, it becomes easy for providers to maintain the efficiency of their accounting procedure. We adhere to the best billing procedures for all busy practitioners in Iowa for better claim acceptance. We can easily handle claim denials and resubmit claims with our proven expertise and industry-leading knowledge. With our value-based billing practice, we help make your practice flawless and increase your revenue scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect benefits such as HIPAA compliance, cost savings, access to certified experts, real-time reports, innovative software, strict quality control, information security policies, less turnaround time, billing across 40+ specialties, and 100% transparency in data processing.

We can help in improving your practice’s revenue cycle management by providing expert guidelines and certifications related to exclusive billing tasks, resolving complex billing steps, offering skilled professional support, providing timely filed claims, adhering to strict quality control, and providing innovative software for optimizing revenue cycle.

We speed up the unpaid claim follow-up process by taking proper follow-up of unpaid claims, reducing the “aging” of outstanding accounts with skillful expertise, and filing a claim within 72 hours from the time service is rendered.