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Medical Billing Services in Louisiana (LA)

Billing staff need to handle insurance claims effectively. Otherwise, your practice may face a significant revenue loss. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. observes the latest healthcare billing services guidelines to keep your practice ahead of competitors. We improve your patient retention with the best software applications and billing processes. Get bespoke medical billing services in Louisiana at affordable pricing for effective claim management.

Processing Bills Become Fast

Updating billing information and invoice processing takes too much time for the medical staff. We integrate the best billing practices and lock maximum bills before the completion of 90 days.  Our billing services are affordable for practices of all sizes. In this way, maximum claim processing occurs at minimum cost and time. We regularly check your billing performance and resolve all errors in the meantime. Reducing continued errors without delays will help your practice save money, effort, and time. In addition, our long-standing billing expertise helps reduce the chances of denials for healthcare practice across Maine (ME), and all over the USA.

Quick Reimbursement Deposits

If you are successfully performing your billing operations, your revenue settles quickly. Due to routine billing tasks, the declaration of outstanding reimbursement becomes out of focus. If your insurance payment does not approve within four days, it slows down your revenue growth. Connect with PRG if you face issues settling your payment collections on time. For every practice, payments must settle within two to four days. 

E-Check processing

Increase your practices’ efficiency with automated systems for payment processing. Save time to improve your practice performance by automating payments via e-Checks. Instead of going in the field, pay an estimated amount per transaction. Additional charges add a percentage to the total transaction. Search for fixed transaction charges and settle in four days or less.

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We Help You In Managing Billing Tasks

Maintaining a healthy workflow in your practice is possible by outsourcing your billing tasks to a resourceful billing institute. Increase claim acceptance with a singular process of critical analysis instead of resubmissions. We involve advanced billing practices to add useful patient information about individual claim situations at every check-in. Our billing staff verifies the eligibility status and insurance details before a patient visits for his appointment. Your billing tasks need to take place properly to evaluate patients’ benefits with respect to their active insurance plans.

Improve Out-of-Pocket Payment Collections

While encouraging members to pay their monthly dues, a late fee ensures that you will receive payment in a timely manner. Without late charges, people delay paying their missing out-of-pocket collections. Some billing companies will waive the first late fee. It is to inform people of the out-of-pocket payment policy to implement corrective actions against patients with bad debt. 

Increase Net Collection Rate

An optimum collection indicates that your practice has acquired maximum revenue without delays.  Acquire your main revenue cycle management goals quickly by rectifying the problematic trends that cause underpayments. We calculate the ratio of invaluable collection metrics to improve your overall revenue. Our experts know the best billing solutions to acquire maximum co-pays. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. enhances the integrity of your billing tasks by introducing the best management software.

Customized Billing Process

Keep your patients connected for a lifetime by providing personalized care for their needs. It makes your practice distinguishable from other competitors. Look for companies that will have a core framework of a working process. Then, they can work with you to adjust the process to reflect your practice values.

Boost your revenue growth with affordable, customized billing services in Louisiana.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide bespoke medical billing services, medical billing audit, provider credentialing services and RCM  in Louisiana to improve patient retention and help practices stay ahead of competitors. 

They integrate the best billing practices, regularly check billing performance, and resolve errors in a timely manner to reduce billing errors without delays, thus saving money, effort, and time. 

They can connect with PRG to settle their payments within 2 to 4 days. How does E-Check processing improve practice efficiency? It automates payment processing, saves time, and improves performance by paying an estimated amount per transaction with fixed transaction charges and settling in four days or less.

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