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Medical Billing Services In Mississippi (MS)

Protect your practice from avoidable revenue loss through our expert medical billing services. Reduce your rejection rate to zero level by submitting clean claims. We make medical billing work for you with our insightful and hi-tech resources. We have a proven track record of providing exceptional medical billing services across Mississippi (MS).  

Outsourcing Medical Billing Services in Mississippi Helps to Improve Your Healthcare Practice.

Medical billing is a continuous process of acquiring patient information, filing claims, and tracking insurance payments. Only the best medical billing company can perform these tasks stepwise at a faster rate. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. takes care of your billing needs by utilizing the skillful expertise of our seasoned billing professionals. Our focus is to improve your practice stability with a 100% transparent revenue cycle. Let us identify the drawbacks in your practice and eliminate them via our optimized revenue cycle management services. Furthermore, we offer top-of-the-line billing expertise across the states of Missouri (MO) and Illinois (IL).

We help you achieve revenue
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Charge entry

Insufficient channels to direct patients’ charges to the concerned insurance giver will lead to payment refusal. Suitable charge entry is substantial to keep your practices’ billing on the right track. We help you collect reimbursements with minimum claim rejections to elevate your billing productivity. Let us maintain your practice cash flow for a sustainable future ahead.

Transmission of electronic claims

Utilize our helpful computer software to transmit your claims electronically over the telephone or computer. We are here to build a firm online connection between the payors and providers to process your claims super-fast. When you incorporate advanced billing tools in your practice, it becomes easy to handle your cash flow. E-claims are easy to process that resulting in faster payment. We value your efforts and money and track the status of every submitted claim. You only need to have a secure Internet connection to access claims at any time of the day.

Follow up on unpaid claims.

Payment isn’t achieved as fast as claim submission. The problem arises when you need to locate unpaid claims. We help you to half past the battle of identifying the real fault. The team of expert medical billers performs the regular follow-up of unpaid claims. This includes the critical analysis of the rejected claims with their EOB. No matter how gigantic is your claim rejection we handle every claim with priority for confirmed reduction.

Reconcile patient payments

Properly reconciled patient payments help identify the payment status between patients and providers. It considers everything related to payment submission and acceptance across the endpoints of billing channels. We help you identify potential fraudulent activity or errors in your data entry processes with an advanced check on the patients’ payments.

Denial Management

A claim gets denial when it doesn’t fulfill the payors’ requirements and is never reimbursed on time. You need to contact a top medical billing company for the least denials. We run a strategic billing process to unmask problems that cause claim denials.

Acquire Financial Success in Mississippi Thru Outsourced Medical Billing Services

Our top priority is to enhance your practice and ensure that every claim is accepted accurately. Your billing tasks become our responsibility when you get in a link with us. With the help of our qualified billing expert, you may avoid aging claims and unpaid account receivables. We recover all obstacles and strive to grow your practice for profit growth.  Our centralized systems protect your healthcare database. And our best billing practices have helped us achieve the top position in the medical billing industry. Our staff remains sympathetic until you receive precise answers to your questions. We collaborate with doctors that practice in different fields and keep them up to date on all billing advances. 

Our certified billers are trained to elevate your revenue!

Frequently Asked Questions

Inaccurate medical billing can result in delayed or denied payment, incorrect patient charges, and legal issues such as fines and penalties for healthcare providers. It can also damage the reputation of healthcare providers and erode patient trust.

Healthcare providers can ensure medical billing accuracy by training staff on proper coding and billing procedures, regularly auditing billing practices, and using electronic health record systems with built-in checks for accuracy and completeness.

Patients can protect themselves from inaccurate medical billing by carefully reviewing their medical bills for errors or discrepancies, asking questions about any charges they do not understand, and keeping accurate records of their medical treatment and payments.

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