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Medical Billing Services in Nebraska (NE)

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. adheres to billing principles that bring the cash within 14 days. With our accurate reporting and amiable medical billing services, you can uplift the standard of your practice. We benefit from our exclusive billing expertise and data gathered across the state. This enables us to identify new billing patterns that could harm your practice or lessen the effects of payer actions. Outsourcing medical billing services in Nebraska will surge your financial gains in no time.

Take a Progressive Financial Move by Outsourcing Medical Billing Services in Nebraska

We have a history of providing incredible billing services, with most clients experiencing 15% growth in collections. It is accompanied by a reduction in the AR days to < 40 (and frequently under 35). Moreover, we are always available to serve healthcare practices with our superior billing services all over the USA including in the state of Nevada (NV) and Illinois (IL).

Take Your Practice to the

Next level of Financial Success!

No One Else Can Handle Your Billing Needs Like Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

For doctor practices of all sizes, we offer professional medical billing services. Our certified billers are experts of medical billing procedures. We are abreast of evolving policies and laws that may impact your practice efficiency. In addition to assisting healthcare providers, we can cut costs and decrease payer rejections. You can deal with your staffing issues by outsourcing medical billing to us. Our skilled billers are always available to assist you in achieving your medical billing objectives. Contact us if you want professionals who can manage the whole medical billing process for your practice.

Outstanding Billing Competency

Our team has extensive knowledge that brings you to a successful fusion of local support with top-notch billing tools. Get access to a fantastic workforce, subject matter experts, technology specialists, medical professionals, and specialized medical billers.

State-Level Billing Compliance

We recognize state-specific requirements, such as clean claim laws and consumer collections laws. Our experts use this information to maximize your collections while maintaining medical billing compliance.

Up to Payor Requirements

We understand the importance of local payer rules and subtleties. This is particularly important for building a strong connection and instant payment compensation. We have established direct channels of communication with the major payer representatives. Our communication channels always remain open to help you quickly solve your medical billing problems.

E-claim submission

We can enroll your practice with all Montana payers for electronic claims delivery. We have done this before, therefore we can pass through the testing windows or specifications.

Collect Payments Upfront

It is crucial to notice the increase in collection transactions recently. When the patient has decided to acquire your service, this is the ideal opportunity to collect patient balances. Assure that the patient is informed of any unpaid balances and previous collections via our medical billing services in Nebraska. Billing departments can increase revenue from patient collections. This helps to spend less time pursuing outstanding invoices and patient payments.

Collect Payments Through the Patient Portal

Your patients should be able to make payments with ease and without any hassle. Give patients the convenience of paying from their homes over a secure connection. Promote online payments through a patient portal. It helps you save time and money. This decreases the patient’s documents up to a minimum to collect money more rapidly.

Provide Plans for Payment

The patient group who want to pay but cannot afford the entire cost at once may benefit more from payment plans. Giving patients flexible payment options can help them feel more comfortable paying for the required services. Patients who receive more expensive bills cannot immediately pay the whole amount. Such patients should ideally be given access to these options. Verify the payment plans’ compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Competitive Billing Tools

We are only a phone call away from delivering exceptional billing service with our best-in-class technology and 24/7 accessibility. Our experts can respond to your inquiries regarding the status of your accounts receivable.

Choose Electronic-Statements

Patients can simply make payments from home at any time of day, thanks to our electronic payment collection portals. Use our innovative medical billing software, leading to faster payment collection. By accepting payments online, you can save money on paper, printing, and postage. This is the right way to help you lower the expenses of submitting patient invoices.

We Handle your Worries while Staying Affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical billing is submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to receive payment for healthcare services provided by a healthcare provider.

Our knowledgeable staff will automatically examine and resubmit claims as necessary. We will cooperate with your employees to locate and deliver extra documents if an insurer requests it.

Yes, we provide clients with a monthly newsletter that highlights significant billing changes. When necessary, we will call, fax, or email you about time-sensitive matters. We keep up so you may concentrate on your patients.

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