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Medical Billing Services In New Jersey (NJ)

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. makes your practice efficient and never lets you miss out on your patient’s demands. Our committed medical billers offer specialized medical billing services in New Jersey (NJ) to incorporate long-term viability and effectiveness in your practice. We help you acquire an efficient and compliant billing operation with our decades of medical billing services expertise and flawless software integrations of EHRs/EMRs.

Expert Billing Services in New Jersey Help You Save Your Medical Practice

Looking for a competent source to get end-to-end billing services for increased revenue gains and benefits? Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. provides billing solutions that stand in your specialty. Our team of professional medical billers adds value to care and fairness of payment with their great billing expertise and knowledge. Our advanced reporting techniques help you manage multiple datasets and compare them to assess your performance with respect to other providers and metrics. Moreover, we also offer unlimited billing expertise across the USA, including New Mexico (NM) and Illinois (IL).

Cost Reductions & Faster Reimbursements

The most challenging aspect of a billing program is reimbursement. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. helps providers by saving them from staffing, training, and compensation costs. We closely consider each aspect of your billing procedure to improve your practice’s bottom line.

MGMA Analytics & Reporting Reduce Billing Errors

There is no room for errors when it comes to accurate medical billing. Our advanced reporting and analytics tools protect you from costly billing mistakes. We employ the most up-to-date reporting process for a refined medical billing service and let you never pay for avoidable billing mistakes.

100% HIPPA Compliance with Set Rules and Regulations

Your medical practice needs to comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations. But consistent follow-ups on learning new protocols make it easier. With Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., the providers can stay assured about following the most recent HIPPA regulations while keeping their practice end-to-end compliant.

40+ Medical Specialties for Clean Claim Submittals

With a broad set of medical specialties, providers can experience fewer chances of claim rejection and decreased billing errors. We administer the medical charts and bills with an established list of medical specialties and provide excellent billing solutions to let providers get remunerated on time.

Your Practice Needs to Get Stronger

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Stay Ahead of Medical Billing KPIs with Us

Keeping track of the most crucial aspect of your practice, i.e., revenue, gets difficult. But certain KPIs are set to keep track of your practice’s revenue cycle performance. We measure your practice’s growth by syncing the billing data from your EHR and EPM systems and provide KPIs specific to your financial goals. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., makes it easy to identify the drawbacks that persistently occur during the billing process by the following KPIs:

1. Claim Lag Time

Reduce the lag time between a patient’s visit and the claim submission to the payer with our integrated practice management systems to keep your revenue cycle inflow running and prevent the risks of missing claims.

2. Clean Claim Ratio

Increase the number of claims reimbursed on the first submission by leveraging the skillful administration capabilities of our billing experts. Our services ensure that your claims undergo less clarification and experience minimal denials.

3. Denial Rate

To identify recurring billing mistakes, reduce the denial rate with advanced analytic tools for an error-free analysis between denials and comparative reasons.

4. Gross Collection Ratio

Our billing professionals are experts in raising your claims’ gross collection, which indicates the standard functionality of your top medical billing procedures.

5. Net Collection Ratio

We offer a realistic approach to access your practice’s net collection ratio and show the share of reimbursements your practice can receive.

6. Account Receivable aging

Be sure to clear accounts receivables and access the share of accounts that are outstanding for more than normal days.

7. Debt Rate

We specialize in reducing your debt rate by collecting patients’ co-pays up-front, offering online payment channels, and double-checking individual insurance coverage.

Improve Your Practice Performance by Outsourcing Medical Billing Today

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. in New Jersey offers best medical billing services that fit in your demands. With the strong insights and expertise of our well-recognized industry professionals let, your practice will reach the optimum level of performance. We create measurable billing KPIs and virtual dashboards and customize your billing reports to keep your practice above the fear of losing revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical billing audit is a review of a healthcare provider’s billing practices to ensure that they are compliant with state and federal regulations and maximizing revenue. It is essential for New Jersey healthcare providers to undergo regular billing audits to avoid potential legal and financial repercussions.

RCM services can help healthcare providers in New Jersey streamline their billing processes, reduce denials and delays, and optimize revenue. By outsourcing revenue cycle management to experts like Physicians Revenue Group, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality patient care. They can also maximize their financial performance by leveraging the expertise of dedicated professionals.

Provider credentialing is the process of verifying a healthcare provider’s qualifications, licenses, and certifications to ensure that they meet the necessary standards for patient care. In New Jersey, medical practices must ensure their providers are fully credentialed to comply with regulations & deliver quality patient care. It is crucial for maintaining compliance and high standards. Physicians Revenue Group offers comprehensive provider credentialing services to help healthcare providers in New Jersey stay compliant.

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