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Medical Billing Services in New Mexico (NM)

Reduce claim denials by incorporating clear procedures for handling patients’ account receivables. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. keep your practice on top of all billing hurdles by tracking claims’ progress until they get accepted. We are always available to accurately lead your medical billing processes according to the latest regulations. Our expert medical billing services in New Mexico (NM) help your practice acquire successful revenue gains and claim submissions.

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There is not just a single factor that troubles clear claim submission; things like duplication, ineligibility, and missing or invalid information can also hurt your practices’ billing process. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is the best third-party billing company in New Mexico that help you avoid all such discrepancies and maximize your claim acceptance. We focus on streamlining your billing mechanism by involving best-automated billing tools and keeping your practice HIPAA compliant. In addition, PRG offers optimum billing services across the USA, including the state of New York (NY).

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How Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. Dual Up Your Revenue Profit?

The improvements in the billing process reduce the outstanding account balance and increase the ratio of clean claim submission. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. increases your practice’s profit margin and protects you from false claim submissions. Our expert medical billing services include industry-leading billing practices for smooth claim submission and enhanced patient care. You can make invoicing less difficult and improve your practice cash flow by rectifying billing errors. We provide end-to-end support to match up every payment and invoice with the records for faster claim submission. 

Billing Automation Reduces the Revenue Leakage

Unregistered and mismatched medical services are the most troublesome billing mistakes that lead to revenue leakage. The skilled billing administrators of Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. keenly observe the systematic deficiencies that lead to rigorous billing mistakes and save you from major revenue loss. For the big revenue shares, we incorporate modern automation tools that properly track your income stream via our revenue cycle management

Digital Invoicing Improves Cash Flow

It is not easy to manage volumes of billing information and track the payable billing items of your practice. We reduce the occurrence of billing errors and swipe up your practice’s manual approach with modern ways to create digital invoices. With our modern billing approaches, we help your staff to save time for more important tasks. You will experience less repetition in billing cycles and invoice corrections with us.  

Update Billing System for Better Traceability

It becomes difficult to handle too much billing data because it links back with multiple sources like patients, providers, and payors. In this way, traceability becomes the main concern of everyone who’s part of your billing practice. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. knows the importance of driving traceability in your billing data and making it verifiable for all concerned sources. Decreasing errors in billing information and making it accessible for insurance providers is core to increasing claim submission. We incorporate MACRA rules and regulations in your practice for high-value patient care and system efficiency.

Automated Billing Software to Speed Up Invoicing

Invoicing needs to capture every aspect of the billing line that consumes a lot of time. We closely administer your billing procedure to include all the missing information and get your services fully credentialed. Our clients remain satisfied with the clarity of the invoice lines and entitlements given to the rendered services. With our advanced billing software, we keep your billing data out of errors and increase the ratio of claim acceptance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timely submission requirements vary depending on the insurance company and the type of insurance plan. Typically, medical claims should be submitted within a specific timeframe, usually ranging from 90 to 180 days from the date of service. Some insurance companies may have shorter or longer deadlines, so it is important to check with the individual company for their specific requirements.

To ensure timely claim submission, it is important to have efficient and organized billing processes in place. This may include using electronic billing software, establishing clear communication channels with insurance companies, and regularly monitoring claim submission deadlines.

If a medical claim is not submitted within the required timeframe, it may be denied or delayed, resulting in a delay in payment or even a loss of payment altogether. It is important to submit claims promptly to avoid payment issues.

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