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Medical Billing Services in Utah (UT)

With so many medical specialties, it is difficult for healthcare providers to manage their workflow without getting help from an expert billing team. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. makes billing easy for providers by handling major tasks like information assessment, insurance verification, and follow-ups on account receivables. Outsourcing medical billing services in Utah base practices can help decrease the burden on practitioners – who can then solely focus on patient care. The sole purpose of outsourcing medical billing services is to improve the efficiency of provider practices and increase patient/payor satisfaction.

Steps to Effectively Manage Your Medical Billing Services in Utah

A medical billing process contains several steps that shall occur in a systematic fashion. Acquire high claim acceptance by managing your billing tasks through an expert billing team. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. plays a vital role in ensuring your practice receives the revenue you deserve. All billing steps have equal importance in determining the performance of your healthcare facility. We perform all billing tasks stepwise so that nothing can affect your revenue cycle. In addition, we deliver helpful billing solutions across all the states of the USA including Virginia (VA) and Illinois (IL) for better claim sustenance.

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Thrive Your Practice to Receive Distinctive Profitability with Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Running a successful medical practice and billing department requires too much work and effort in Utah. We share your billing responsibilities so that you can concentrate on creating correct medical records and providing top-notch patient care.

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers proficient billing services that may increase the effectiveness and profitability of your business by enhancing your revenue cycle. Whether you are a primary care physician, hospital administrator, emergency department manager, or owner of a specialized practice, you are just a tap away from receiving world-class medical billing services.

Immediate information handling

When new patients are enrolled to receive healthcare benefits from a provider, they must fulfill the required information pattern. We ensure to acquire maximum information at the arrival of new patients and reduce the defects. Patients’ information needs careful handling, and our medical billing staff is an expert. We acquire meaningful patient information and reduce billing errors for higher claim acceptance.

Insurance Verification

Every patient acquires variable health benefits according to their active insurance plans. We make seamless billing strategies to verify the patient’s insurance coverage before they come to visit you. Our team skillfully categorizes each patient according to their insurance plans, making them responsible for their payable finances. Reduce the uncompensated billing loss by acknowledging patients about their deductibles, out-of-pocket, and co-pays.

Pre-Certification Details

Providers wish to acquire maximum revenue without wasting too much time and money. Pre-authorization helps you to get the payors’ permission before performing certain treatments and surgeries. We have the specialty to immediately render the payors’ alert regarding specific medical services before adding them in patients’ bills. Our billing staff reduces the number of denied claims with proper follow-up of pre-authorization details.

Accurate Invoicing

Proper invoicing of the medical services acquired by patients is important to prevent revenue loss. We precisely document all services that happen during the patient’s visit. Accurate processing of bills is important to reimburse the total payable amount on the first attempt quickly. Experts at Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. validate the total amount with respect to the services acquired.

Claim submission

Clean claim submission is important to quickly capture the account receivables without creating hustle. Utilize our competent resources to understand the repetitive billing errors and documentation mistakes. We help providers in improving their practice efficiency by accurately submitting claims with complete billing information.

Payor Follow Up

To prevent bad debt, it is necessary to manage outstanding account receivables. We ensure you acquire timely payments by taking complete follow-ups with patients and insurance representatives. Keep receiving payments on time by letting us send repetitive reminders via making calls and sending emails. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. reduces the risk of losing revenue by regulating your account receivables for optimum financial efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of services including information assessment, insurance verification, follow-up on account receivables, accurate invoicing, claim submission, and payor follow-up.

Primary care physicians, hospital administrators, emergency department managers, and owners of specialized practices in Utah can benefit from the medical billing services offered by Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

PRG reduces billing errors and ensures high claim acceptance by skillfully categorizing each patient according to their insurance plans, acknowledging patients about their deductibles, out-of-pocket, and co-pays, rendering payors’ alert regarding specific medical services before adding them in patients’ bills, and accurately submitting claims with complete billing information.

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