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Medical Billing Services in Wisconsin (WI)

Physicians Revenue Group focuses on your revenue so you can keep focusing on the patients. We are a full-suite medical billing services company offering comprehensive healthcare billing services in Wisconsin. Our dedicated team of experts is equipped and trained to help maximize your profitability with increasing collection rates while minimizing the number of claims denials. The team at PRG gets your practice up and running within no time; we take care of all of your aged accounts, also following up on the claims to guarantee timely reimbursements.

Our Client Centric Approach for Billing Services in Wisconsin

We stay in close contact with our clients to keep them updated at every step. At Physicians Revenue Group, we follow a patient-centric approach along with real-time results. Our experts build a trustworthy rapport with your multi-specialty or solo practice so that you can count on us for your revenue cycle management. Leverage our end-to-end RCM services with EHR and innovative practice management systems to support your practice growth in real-time. In addition, we have great billing expertise to offer across the USA, including the state of Wyoming (WY).

Top Medical Billing Services Providers in Wisconsin

Physicians Revenue Group Inc. is one of the top medical revenue cycle management services providers in the USA. We offer advanced and innovative solutions to medical practices, hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Our auditing and medical billing services in Wisconsin are highly sought after in the industry for their efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness factors – all of which combined optimize the financial performance of a practice. We put stress on customer satisfaction and our commitment to excellence. PRG has maintained a reputation as a reliable and credible medical billing partner for healthcare practices looking to improve their revenue cycle management procedures.   

Medical Billing Experts in Wisconsin

Our expert staff is trained and dedicated to achieving top-level recovery on contractual due amounts from the payors. PRG’s commitment to compliance and improved customer services is unrivaled in the US healthcare industry. We have over 99% customer retention rate and are proud to offer medical practices the highest quality of billing services in the industry. Our billing services let medical practices increase their performance and get paid faster while doubling down on unnecessary administrative work.

Optimize your revenue collection with PRG's expert

medical billing services in Wisconsin (WI)

Practice Compliance with Physicians Revenue Group. Inc.

Our medical billing services in Wisconsin are centered on medical service practices following federal and state government regulations. Billers at PRG have years of industry-centric experience acquired through years of efforts in leveraging medical billing best practices. The federal government’s initiative to cut down on healthcare costs can only be made possible if the medical practitioners in Wisconsin work to optimize the costs while increasing revenue. Therefore, letting an expert medical billing company handle your billing operations can help you improve your collections by up to 25%.

Why is PRG different from other billing service providers?

At Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., We also offer a full suite of revenue cycle management services, including medical coding auditing, claims management, and denial management. By partnering with us, Wisconsin medical practices can improve their billing operations and focus on providing high-quality patient care.

Medical Billing Intricacies

PRG strives to circumnavigate revenue leakages and works to optimize the revenue collection for medical practices. We do that by streamlining a practice’s workflow, from the eligibility check-ins to copay collection and the entire back office. Partnering with us, you can expect a 10 to 15% increase in your collections during the first month. This is with over 95% of the claims paid on their first submissions. Our experts also enable you to cut down on the A/R days and the claims denials. We also strive to offer on-time patient statement dispatches to ensure you always have transparency and visibility for each dollar you earn.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Physicians Revenue Group offers a comprehensive set of healthcare billing services, including RCM services, medical billing audit services, claims management, and denial management.

We follow a patient-centric approach and keep clients updated at every step. We also strive to offer on-time patient statement dispatches for transparency and visibility of revenue.

Physicians Revenue Group maintains a high customer retention rate, offers innovative solutions, prioritizes compliance and customer service, and serves as a reliable and credible medical billing partner for healthcare practices.

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