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Neonatology Medical Billing Services

We understand that your practice undergoes complex neonatology treatments that prevent your practice from thriving in the burdensome billing setup. It is important to outsource neonatology medical billing services so you can manage your core duties with peace of mind. We have a team of medical billers who specialize in verifying every patient’s insurance coverage. Let our neonatology billing specialists care for your patients’ bills and submit claims with accuracy. We know the change in payer’s requirements and align the claims as per the demand. PRG’s medical billing services optimize your neonatology practice and outperform your billing needs with our professional guidance, up-to-date knowledge, and full-scale billing expertise.

Our Neonatology Medical Billing Services Help Your Practice in Accurate Claim Submissions

Outsourcing neonatology billing services lets your medical staff effectively manage patient requirements. PRG estimates the faults in your income stream that results in revenue leakage. As the top neonatology billing company, we take charge of your medical billing and fulfill your billing requirements. We optimize your practice growth with our scalable billing parameters to improve patient collections. Let our neonatology billing specialists examine your existing billing system and improve it for the better. We serve the best benefits that your neonatology practice demands from PRG after you outsource neonatology medical billing services.

Get the Precise Neonatology Medical Billing Services

to Nurture Your Practice’s Growth

Up-to-Date Billing Knowledge and Expertise to Boost Your Practice Efficacy

We understand the difficulties that may arise from the lack of fulfilling payers’ requirements before claim submission. Therefore, our medical billers remain up-to-date with your existing payers’ demands and fulfill them to increase the clean claim percentage. Let our specialists take charge of your billing functions and manage the claims to improve your practice health. Our billing team is expert in taking follow-ups on denial and unpaid claims. Let us lead your billing tasks with qualified knowledge and result-based billing protocols. In addition to our exceptional neonatology billing services, we offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of specialties, including nephrology medical billing, to optimize revenue and streamline healthcare billing processes.

Pre-Eligibility Insurance Verification

PRG has competent billing professionals who verify the benefits covered by the insurance plan. Let us determine whether your patients can acquire insurance payments for the required neonatology services. We check the amount patients cover and confine their bills according to the available insurance plans. Our team helps your medical staff to receive the patient collectibles like co-pay and maximize your account receivables.

Improved Payment Collections

Our objective is to let providers receive the best billing experience with our competent billing expertise. Collecting patient payments gets easier for us because we initiate patient statements. This helps your practice to stay connected with the patients and keep them aware of the money that is pending from their end. Outsourcing neonatology medical billing will help your practice to stay advanced and offer immediate patient care without worrying about insurance payments.

Optimize your Neonatology Medical Billing

PRG has competency in providing the best medical billing services to upgrade your practice’s ability. We implement the most effective billing processes to enhance financial viability and improve your practice health. Let us manage your practice billing with full-cycle revenue management and efficient billing audit services. We commit to bringing quality to the results and letting you enjoy the best medical billing facilities in real-time.

Maximize First-Round Claim Acceptance

Our billing team is advanced and has a vital understanding of new billing procedures that help them in reducing the denial rate. We perform extensive billing audits to manage the claim as per the required criterion and reduce the denials to the minimum. Moreover, we integrate the standard billing touchpoints to monitor under-payments. Our team verifies the claims until they get proper reimbursement and run denial appeals to maximize collections.

Simplified Neonatology Medical Billing Services

Our team sets a realistic balance to manage the claims appropriately. Outsourcing your medical billing services will help your staff to leave the claims management to our experts. We ensure to deliver the results that your neonatology practice requires. Our team try to submit clean claims with maximum precision to maximize the first-pass claim ratio.

PRG Offers The Best Neonatology Medical Billing Services with Guaranteed Results

Let us provide the specialized handling for your patients’ bills that still need payment approval. We help to upscale your practice revenue and boost your practice health with our expert billing approach. We bring valuable financial gains to your neonatology practice and improve your payment turnaround. Let our billing experts decrease the A/R days and bring your denial rate to the minimum level. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers great neonatology medical billing services to let you maximize patient collections and improve your bottom line.

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