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OB GYN Medical Billing Services

Obstetrics & Gynecology specializes in providing care for women’s reproductive health. PRG provides ob gyn medical billing services that comprise every process directly linked with diagnosing and treating female reproductive diseases. Our team of experts has over 2 decades of experience in providing medical billing services across the USA. In addition, our medical billers are certified in managing patient data and billing details concerning women’s health issues, such as contraception (birth control) and infertility.

We Deal with Complex OB/GYN billing With Our Persistent Billing Approach

An OB/Gyn practice does various procedures, including surgeries, pre & postpartum healthcare, and regular health screenings for women. ob gyn medical billing is challenging to most billers due to the complex treatments, frequent claims, widely varying coverage terms, and multiple tests performed at numerous facilities. Besides this, many OB/GYN practitioners need exceptional billing support like that offered to other medical practices with the same specialties. Here are a few standard billing errors that occur during common OB/GYN billing services:

  • Missing separately billable services rendered during the global pregnancy period
  • Confuse the pregnancy coverage with an existing insurance plan
  • Covering inpatient, outpatient, and in-between services from out-of-pocket female patients
Increase Your Gynecology Billing Accuracy
with our Expert Billing Approach!

Applying Best Practices for Ob Gyn Medical Billing Services

At Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., we identify OB/GYN providers’ challenges. Our experts understand how to speed up your ob gyn medical billing according to the changing policy rules and updates. We know the sensitive aspects of your Obstetrician and Gynecology specialty. Our certified billers can choose appropriate procedures from reports to real-life surgical cases. We work with you 24/7 to prevent problems caused by incorrect billing methods. PRG specialize in comprehensive ob gyn medical billing services and cater to various other specialties, including oncology medical billing, ensuring accurate and efficient financial management for healthcare providers. We involve the market-rich expertise of our billing specialists to avoid the leading cause of billing errors.

Proper Billing Documentation

PRG helps to fulfill the missing details regarding the ob gyn medical billing criterion. Using their certified knowledge and proven expertise, we help your practice save claims from denials. In addition, our team uses current industry standards to determine a better way to carry out the billing of immediate pregnancy situations.

Professional Ob Gyn Medical Billing Experts

Our gynecology billing experts prevent claim denials while increasing the number of reimbursements. We do this by making your billing procedures efficient and streamlined. This will help you decrease the time required to correct ob/Gyn services bills.

Regulate New Billing Guidelines

We have built a robust billing approach by adhering to billing guidelines & best practices. In addition, our team uses modern technology to focus on providing data-driven solutions that help reduce denials and increase revenue.

Beneficial Ob Gyn Medical Billing Services

We bring accuracy to your ob gyn medical billing while building a flawless reimbursement process for your practice. With patient demographics entry, insurance verification, insurance authorizations, billing, and reconciling of accounts, our medical billing process adds value to your healthcare organization. In addition, we ensure consistent accounts receivable follow-up and prior authorization to avoid claim denials.

Denial Management

Our denial management team prioritizes shifting your focus from denial management to prevention. In addition, our team strives to introduce a friction-free billing, claim submission, and payment posting process for immediate result generation.

Fast-track Financial Growth

The deliverables of your gynecology practice need more time to focus on collections. However, we understand that you are on your toes all day. Physicians Revenue Group offers auditing, medical billing, and revenue management solutions to Ob-Gyn practices of all sizes. Our highly scalable billing solutions can handle your billing needs regardless of your requirements.

Certified OB/GYN Billing Company

Inaccurate or under-coded claims are a leading cause of revenue loss for practices and providers. At Physicians Revenue Group, we find that the key to maximize reimbursement is detailed and precise ob gyn medical billing Services. Our team is made up of industry-certified billing specialists. Our OB/GYN medical billers ensure you’re receiving maximum compensation for your services and strictly follow OB/GYN billing guidelines.

Streamline Your Obstetrics Medical Operations

Credentialing is a time-consuming and tedious cycle that must be efficient to ensure that insurance payers timely reimburse you. We are a full-service ob gyn billing company that supports all your credentialing needs. You can outsource to our comprehensive RCM solutions to handle your medical practice’s medical billing and credentialing needs. Centralize and accelerate your workflow with our EMR-integrated Ob Gyn revenue cycle management solutions.

Let Our Experts Improve Your Ob Gyn Medical Billing Effectiveness

PRG offers the best billing services to do more than examine diagnosis charts and scrutinize your ob gyn billing. Our expert medical billing auditors perform multifaceted reviews and deliver unbiased reporting. When you partner with us for auditing support, you ensure compliance and eliminate denial-causing elements. We customize our billing procedures based on your practice need. This helps providers to enhance their practice achievements by providing exceptional patient care without configuring revenue leakages. We prove our expertise by creating an excellent balance between claim submission and payment approval. 

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