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Oncology Medical Billing Services

Dealing with oncology treatments gets complex and long-drawn. Our comprehensive oncology medical billing plan has enough potential to handle the billing complexities and follow-up claims. We ensure that every billing process covers the mandatory patient history and insurance coverage details. Our experts quickly get timely follow-ups with insurance companies to get paid fast. Accurate medical billing protocols outstand in the form of error-less bills and immediate revenue returns. While your practice is running the critical treatment phase, we ensure that your practice generates adequate revenue.

Our Experts Assist You in Managing the Complex Oncology Medical Billing Operations

Along with procedural complexity, Oncology billing faces frequent changes in compliance policies. Often, payers need to be made aware of the latest technology leading to a significant reduction in reimbursements received by the practice. Due to an inadequate understanding of the procedure and the need for reimbursement standards, outsourcing to a reliable billing company gets mandatory. Oncology also requires specialized treatments from multi-discipline medical fields to help patients recover from physical and mental impacts. Our expert billers save your practice from financial loss with accurate claim submission.

Ensure your Practice Receives Proper

compensation for the provided services.

What Makes Us the Best Oncology Billing Company in the United States?

Our experience has been reshaped after encountering years of competition in oncology billing. Our seasoned billing experts work hand in hand with your practice to help you identify problem areas. We incorporate systematic billing tools to educate your practice on best-in-class billing procedures. Our team of certified oncology medical billing experts will manage all aspects of your oncology billing to drive accurate results. In addition to our exceptional oncology billing services, we offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of specialties, including ophthalmology billing services, to optimize revenue and streamline healthcare billing processes.

Reduced costs and improved efficiency

Our team of billers possesses the unique expertise required to make the billing swift. We acknowledge even the minor details regarding patient data and payor requirements in Oncology billing. Outsourcing your oncology billing services will help you reap multiple benefits in patient care and reduce the administrative backlog.

Medical Billing Expertise in Oncology

Our team of medical billers owns years of experience in oncology billing. Our oncology covers over 50 states covering many multi-specialty practices. We have a team of efficient medical billers who submit patient claims using the best billing practices.

Applying best practices for Oncology Billing

Our medical billing team understands the variable oncology treatments that involve high expense, the latest technology, and extensive surgeries like chemotherapy. Take care of your patient’s mental health interventions without worrying about the long-drawn treatment plans. We create a difference between “Bundled” and additional procedures. Our billers use their knowledge to identify over-coding and under-coding, thereby preventing claim denials. Since claim denials in oncology lead to huge revenue loss, our team plans out an efficient, denial-free revenue management system for your practice.

Customized Medical Billing For Oncologists

Our medical billing is customized to help oncologists to bill the patients when they get proper treatment. We take oncology practices out of the hassle of reduced reimbursement and inaccurate coding. Our team has the expertise to perform billing operations according to the recent compliances. You don’t need to remember the checklist issued by your regular payors when you are in our companionship.

Certified Billing Professionals

Our specialized medical billers shall understand the delicacy of the oncologic treatments. They keep an eagle eye on unprofitable chemo & non-chemo reimbursements. Our main concern is to create a balance between claim submission and payment approval to increase your cash flow. We are skilled in locating the medical billing errors such as misuse, under-coding, and over-coding to eliminate their reoccurrence.

Timely KPIs/Goals Fulfillment

We own the appropriate experience and knowledge for medical billing for your oncology practice. Our team stays updated about the existing payor requirements for improving claim acceptance. Oncology medical billing is specified based on the treatment acquired by the patient. The billing experts of PRG are proficient in handling patients’ bills with great care until they are reimbursed. Your search for growing expertise and efficiency ends with Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Why Outsource Medical Billing and RCM for Your Oncology Practice?

Oncology may cause problems when reviewing patients’ reports, x-ray, and malignancies. When providers see an oncologic patient, they are already suffering from health and financial hardships. This situation requires the physician to spend more time with each patient. Meanwhile, we understand the challenges faced by your practice. Here comes our experts’ assistance to increase the revenue potential while resolving issues like under-coding or over-coding.

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