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Ophthalmology Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. has optimized its ophthalmology medical billing services to resonate with your practice needs. Our skilled medical billers use a purposeful approach while handling your billing functions to maximize revenue gains. Your practice will experience the rapid onset of clean claim submission followed by timely reimbursement after outsourcing medical billing to us. We enable your medical staff to focus more on growing your practice. This will give your practice a chance to spend more time with patients and quickly get the money in hand. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your practices’ revenue always.

We Make Ophthalmology Medical Billing Easy for Your Medical Practice

At PRG, our ophthalmology medical billing services covers the entire spectrum – from patient registration to collections. We’ve developed a successful, streamlined billing process to keep your practice billing operations out of hassle. Our team works closely with ophthalmologists and staff members to implement the result-oriented billing strategies for excellent outcomes. We are proud to say we have increased reimbursements for all ophthalmology practices we served. Our goal is to maximize your profits and we guarantee your practice will see increased revenues.

We Make Ophthalmology Medical Billing

easy for getting incredible results

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is Derived to Manage All Your Billing Requirements

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is a full-service RCM company specializing in ophthalmology and optometry medical billing services. PRG has a vision that goes above and beyond being a top ophthalmology medical billing company. Our purpose is to optimize the financial health of ophthalmology practices across the United States. We are a true extension of your practice and provide ophthalmology medical billing services expertise.

Proven Results

We leave nothing that your medical staff may need to fix. Our team acknowledges its responsibility and fulfills your practice’s billing KPIs. As a top ophthalmology billing company we incorporate an efficient billing system to increase your productivity level. You will get benefits from our reliable billing resources and excellent billing performance for consistent revenue growth.

Increased Cash Flow

While performing the most important responsibilities of your practice it is better to outsource our ophthalmology medical billing services. Your billing system grabs the interest of our specialized medical billers and they strive to save your practice from the potential harms. No repetition of mistakes and errors is seen after the comprehensive analysis by our professional medical billers so far.

Saves Time for Dedicated Patient Care

Your time needs to be invested where it is mostly required i.e., your patients. Our team has the expertise to manage the billing complexities in a fraction of time. Saving your staff’s time and burden is important for maintaining a balance between the most essential aspects of your practice.

Ophthalmic Billing Specialists

The importance of having a team of medical billers is important to effectively carry out specialty-based billing tasks. We have trained billing staff who carefully handle billing details to remove errors that lead to claim rejection. Your practice will experience a safe transition between filling in patient information to submitting claims. Our team is an expert in handling all of your ophthalmology billing aspects with maximum accuracy and in the least time.

Reduced Staffing Cost

We have a team of medical billers and denial managers who outsource your billing responsibilities. This helps your staff look at your medical practice’s most important tasks. Our team helps you to get the most out of your practice revenue. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. enables your practice to get first-round claim acceptance.

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is Highly Professional in Managing Your Billing Needs

We believe in equity and involve it by getting paid when you get paid. Our team covers the insurance plans that are linked with different insurance companies. We ensure to fulfill the loops in your billing practice and manage the denials. Your time is precious and never goes to waste because our medical billers are always available to answer all billing inquiries. Let our team handle your billing tasks and clean up your account receivables to continue revenue growth. Our team always keeps up with the existing billing changes to ensure timely reimbursement and get good results.

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