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Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

The ortho billing process deals with the musculoskeletal system, which makes it complex. Therefore, Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers top-of-the-line orthopedic medical billing services that cover the subject matter expertise of all needful ortho billing procedures. Outsourcing our top medical billing services helps hospitals, independent practices, and ortho clinics with proper billing and claim submissions. Partnering with us boosts the revenue cycle management of your practice by streamlining the billing and claim filing process.

Advantages of Outsourcing Orthopedic Billing Services to Physicians Revenue Group

Experts at Physicians Revenue Group bring excellence, accuracy and knowledge-based advancements to your orthopedic billing operations. All of this, in addition to offering you a revenue cycle that is without any defects. We also offer osteopathic medical billing services to independent osteopathic practices and clinics. Furthermore, accurate entries of patient demographics, insurance verification, reconciliation of accounts, billing, and insurance authorizations from our comprehensive medical billing process add value to your practice. Our expert team works to introduce frictionless billing, auditing, claims submission, and payment posting processes.
Additionally, our experts ensure consistent accounts receivable, follow-up and prior authorizations to avoid claim denials. At PRG, our primary focus is denial prevention rather than denial management. We help orthopedic practitioners offer excellent care services to their patients while focusing more on their financial and administrative excellence. Contact us, a professional Orthopedic medical billing company for seamless billing operations.

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How can an Orthopedic Medical Billing Company Help?

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. comes with years of industry experience in Orthopedic medical billing services. Our professional team for orthopedic billing services offers accurate billing and auditing services which ensure timely and maximum reimbursements. Contact us today for in-depth information on how we can help your practice achieve full reimbursements for orthopedic treatment services.

Why Choose Physicians Revenue Group for Outsourcing Orthopedic Medical Billing Services?

Over 35% of orthopedic surgery claims are faulty, and over 25% are rejected. Considering these statistics, your practice can lose hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue owing to improper billing. PRG’s billing professionals make use of best industry practices, in addition to the use of advanced technology for meeting your needs for orthopedic billing services. 

Orthopedic Medical Billing Complexities

We completely understand the complexities that are involved in orthopedic medical billing services. Our team of certified billers and auditors work alongside you to prevent problems arising from the incorrect use of modifiers. Our experts work with your practicing team to curb any issues arising due to incorrect modifiers. Additionally, our billing experts educate your teams on how to prevent such instances.

Flawless Integration with your Current Billing Operations

PRG offers top-of-the-line healthcare billing services to large to small-scale orthopedic practices. We couple our billing services with regular billing audit services, account analysis, and payor follow-ups. You can easily incorporate our services into your billing operations and use our custom solutions. Through our services, you get regular reporting which offers in-detail productivity, revenue opportunities, and quality of billing operations.

Compliant and Accurate Technology

Orthopedic billing experts at PRG work to reduce the number of claim denials while boosting reimbursements significantly. This is made possible by focusing on streamlined and efficient processes to decrease the time needed to bill for orthopedic services accurately. All of this is made possible with modern technology solutions that help ensure compliance and accuracy of your billing operations. 

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PRG is an Orthopedic medical billing company with full compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our billers and auditors stay up to date with current changes in the Medicare compliance guidelines and the ICD-10 implementation.

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