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Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Handling patients’ bills besides managing complex podiatry treatments is not easy. We offer the best podiatry medical billing services that are easily accessible to healthcare practices of all sizes. Our team performs the best medical billing services by resolving your pain points with their proven expertise. We ensure that the billing information your practice shares with our team remains secure and confidential. We access practice management systems to capture patient data, send statements, and complete follow-ups.

Our Podiatry Medical Billing Services Offer Exceptional Benefits to Your Practice

Podiatry billing introduces the need for necessary medical treatments and employs the correct billing standards. In addition to this, podiatry practices need to go above and beyond with variable patient demographics and treatment exposure. Moreover, the complexities continue with changes in the healthcare industry requirements. Thus, your billing operations need to keep running new billing protocols. Whatever your medical staff cannot manage, our team will handle it for your practice. With our experienced resources, including professional aptitude and best practices, we improve your revenue collections and reduce denials by correcting critical issues in the Podiatry billing. Our core specialties also include the best prostheses medical billing services that offer billing sustenance.

Give More Time to Your Practice by

Outsourcing Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Outsource to a Reliable Podiatry Billing Company to Reduce Your Claim Denials

Medical billing involves trust on the efforts made by your podiatry billing company while managing routine billing tasks. Don’t leave your practice billing to an in-house billing team that doesn’t follow up-to-date billing protocols. Instead of taking risks, outsource your medical billing to a trustworthy podiatry billing company with proven expertise in managing the critical aspects of medical billing. Physicians Revenue Group. Inc. has a team of expert billers who successfully handle the most complicated podiatry billing cases. This raises the importance of outsourcing to a third party podiatry medical billing services provider for successfully executing your billing tasks.

Verifying Insurance Eligibility

After receiving the patient information, we arrange the documents systematically. Then, our team analyzes the documents to verify if the claim is eligible for insurance. Finally, we review the digital and paper-based documents multiple times to assess them before concluding.

Fee Charge Entry

After entering the patient’s details and creating a patient account, we enter the charges based on the medical invoice. It includes the billable entities assigned to the treatments provided. Every patient is reimbursed after careful charge entry by our expert medical billing team.

Claims Submission

Once all the relevant information is entered and identified for errors, we make the required corrections. Finally, we submit the claims to the insurance company for reimbursements.

Posting of Payment

We take multiple follow-ups to check the status of the claim. The claim is analyzed for mistakes and rectified so you receive insurance payments. We ensure that no mistake is repeated. We update your medical staff and also upload details to the patient’s account.

Managing Claim Denials

Our team is proficient in analyzing the reasons behind the claim denials to reduce payment delays in a timely manner. Then, we change the claim and resubmit it to appeal for reimbursement. Our billing specialists hold expertise in denial analysis to minimize the causes for claim denials.

Why Choose Physicians Revenue Group. Inc.?

We keep our billing staff up-to-date about HIPAA guidelines so your practice will always receive the right billing protocol from PRG. In addition, we assign a dedicated resource to give providers a main point for getting updates about the improvements made by our podiatry medical billing services. Therefore, if you want to know about the status of the claims and address queries, you can get in touch with your concerned personnel. Effective communication helps us avoid confusion between the providers and our experts.

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