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Psychiatry Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. has been offering comprehensive Psychiatry Medical Billing Services in the USA to mental health providers for over two decades. Our mission is to maximize patient and insurance collections, so our partner practices can focus more on specialized patient care and grow their practices. Our team works to keep you continuously updated on the current government rules and regulations. That is in addition to the ever-changing insurance requirements, CPT coding changes, and more. We offer our clients the best medical billing services with 24/7 support and complete transparency for their peace of mind.

Outsource Psychiatry Medical Billing Services to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Our winning approach for effective RCM covers everything from provider credentialing, auditing, billing, and daily claims management to annual reviews. We work to protect your income while you can focus solely on patient care. We offer comprehensive, third-party services for psychiatry, pulmonology, and over 40 specialties in the USA. Consequently, as we practice in a specialized niche of medical care, our Psychiatry medical billing services are extremely attentive to detail. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers full revenue cycle management, including claims processing and management of denials and rejections. By outsourcing all of these services and processes to us, our clients greatly reduce their administrative responsibilities. We help our partner practices to focus more on patient care while we take care of all the administrative tasks. Outsourcing your administrative tasks, including payor credentialing and compliance reviews, is a winning solution for provider practices across the USA.

Maximize Your Psychiatry Revenue

Simplify billing processes & increase reimbursements

PRG – Your Partner Psychiatry Billing Company

By outsourcing your Psychiatry medical billing and other administrative tasks to PRG, you can enjoy targeted RCM and billing services. Additionally, you get to leverage payor credentialing, and compliance reviews, both of which are winning solutions for medical practitioners across the USA. Outsource psychiatry medical billing operations to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., for streamlining your revenue cycle.

How Does a Psychiatry Billing Company Work?

At Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., we offer comprehensive RCM, and billing services, which include:

Claims Processing and Management

Our billing team submits claims electronically, filing for secondary claims or coordinating auto crossovers. If your practice has an independent billing system, we can also work around to bill directly from your software or even export the necessary data to our systems.

Payment Posting

Our team enters payments and adjustments from the insurance ERAs/EOBs, and posting for patient copays.

Fiscal Reports

We offer over 30+ reports that showcase the financial health of your medical practice. Some of the examples include patient aging, insurance aging, and daily and monthly summaries, in addition to the reimbursement analysis for the different payers.

Appeals and Follow-up

We call upon insurance companies to check on the status of all unpaid claims, then work towards refiling claims as per requirement by reviewing denials and filing appeals.

Online Data Accessibility

Our partner practices always have online access to all data so they can check the status of all unpaid claims and manage and look up balances for running financial reports 24/7. This is highly convenient when as a medical professional, you do not have the time to call or email the billing office for queries and questions.

Benefit Verification

We call upon insurance providers to verify the psychiatry health benefits and the patient’s eligibility before they are seen by the doctor. Our billers pre-confirm the amount of co-payment, maximum visits allowed, and deductibles, in addition to any other authorization requirements.

Why do you need a Psychiatry Billing Company?

The many and varying facets of the billing system in the USA can easily overwhelm a healthcare practice. When done in a rush or poorly, the claims get delayed, rejection rates go up, and payments do not get posted, while the AR keeps on growing by being pushed to later dates. After some time, there are too many balls in the air for independent small practice to juggle. Additionally, when you add the new and ever-changing government regulations into the mix, the billing operations get too much to handle. At some point, a medical provider sits down to think if running their billing operations in-house is worth it or not. That’s where Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. comes in.

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