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Patient-centric model, powered with real-time monitoring, aimed to conveniently manage patient health outcomes.

remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring is a program aiming at the provision of quality healthcare to patients outside the clinical settings. Based on the idea of preventative healthcare, our Remote Patient Monitoring Company in the USA provides real-time monitoring and evidence-based data to manage patients more effectively to attain better patient engagement. We review the care plans, evaluate monthly performances and provide billing reports to support revenue generation. A solution to add more revenue and reputation to your practice without additional staff.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Tools

FDA-approved monitoring devices based on cellular technology to ensure round-the-clock monitoring automatically transmit readings to our proprietary monitoring system and patients. The devices, integrated into the EHR system of the practice, convey it to the practice in no time. Our coordinators provide necessary operational training to the patients on better use of the devices to ensure real-time monitoring. Our application is HIPAA compliant with a cloud-based portal to provide secure interfaces to facilitate point-of-service access to data analytics.

Select PRG as your Remote Patient Monitoring Partner


Our Care coordinators, perform pre-screening to select only patients who meet insurance and program requirements. Eligibility lists are provided on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the practice schedule. For better management and quality assurance, we review the monthly performance and care plans. Our certified multilingual coordinators monitor the daily readings of the devices and speak to the patients as well as the practice to manage the critical and high readings. We provide counseling to coach and support the patients for a healthier lifestyle.

We provide incessant services from technical support while setting up to billing operations for reimbursements. In case of any technical glitches, our experts are always up to help you. Further, we also provide technical education and training to both the clinical staff and patients for optimal use of the monitoring devices. Our medical billing experts provide comprehensive billing reports to support revenue generation.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare providers need innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare. Remote patient monitoring hands them a platform to bolster the revenue of the practice as well as achieve better patient satisfaction while managing the patients outside the clinical setting. This process has yielded greater health outcomes, increased patient retention rate, a seamless patient onboarding process, and matchless coordination when it comes to engaging patients. It reduces overall healthcare costs, lesser clinical staff, and saves more face time for the physicians for actual healthcare operations.

Patients with both acute and chronic conditions enjoy easy access to quality healthcare at home providers receive real-time data to get the latest health conditions which helps them formulate a workable care plan for the patients. Access to Quality healthcare at home allows patients to save their time and money from clinical visits. In the patient-centric model, actual control rests with the patients to manage their conditions with the proper knowledge about their education and assistance from the care coordinators and physicians. Personalized care provides them with a way to live a quality life by managing their conditions effectively.

“Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. provides a cost-effective solution to the practices to manage” the conditions of patients remotely, across the USA. Its user-friendly interface allows for better patient engagement, better retention rate, and higher quality of healthcare which in turn means more revenue. Our experts and multilingual coordinators provide end-to-end solutions from patient verifiability to reimbursement.

  • Pliant scaling capacity
  • Cellular-based monitoring devices
  • Matchless domain knowledge of RCM and HIT
  • EHR integration
  • Seasoned Care Coordinators
  • Monetary gains and savings
  • Cloud-based encrypted portal