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Telemedicine Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. has extensive domain base knowledge in Telemedicine medical billing services. Our team understands the complexity involved and the requirements of billing operations. We offer services to healthcare industries, independent and multi-specialty practices, hospitals, and clinicians. Telehealth and telemedicine and relatively new ways to provide healthcare facilities to patients, and at PRG, we understand what lies at stake, especially for small practice operations. We offer professional medical billing and RCM services to develop and streamline your telemedicine service offerings. Telemedicine and telehealth services have gone on to become important recently, and at PRG, we offer remote access and technical capabilities for expanding your practice.

Outsource Telemedicine Billing to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

PRG offers effective and affordable telemedicine billing services to provider practices across 50 states. Outsource telemedicine billing to us for easier collections and full reimbursements for the patients you are treating remotely. With thousands of telehealth claims submitted in addition to the millions of telehealth charges collected for our partner practices, PRG is your best revenue cycle partner. We ensure that all of your telemedicine and thoracic billing claims get submitted correctly, paid quickly, and paid to contract. As a telemedicine billing company, we are aware of the new challenges that telehealth/telemedicine billing presents. We also recognize the gap in provider services for organizations that have still not gone up to offer telemedicine services to their patients. Most healthcare practices which were not offering telemedicine services pre-COVID were quick to adopt the new technologies enabling telehealth care. Many of these practices have since faced difficulties in collecting reimbursements for their remote care services.

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PRG is your Partner Telemedicine Billing Company in the USA

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers leverage in telemedicine medical billing services to independent practices and hospitals. We help you streamline your billing processes and assist you in offering uninterrupted care to patients by timely collecting reimbursements that you are owed. Our team manages your claims submission, insurance collection, payment posting, and claim audit, in addition to other constituents of billing operations. Using our targeted services, you can improve your patient outcomes, boost patient satisfaction, and increase your revenue.

What Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers in Telehealth Billing Services?

The following are our professional telemedicine/telehealth services, including but not limited to:

Charge Entries

As the patients are communicating with providers remotely, the collection of data and information primarily depends on the level of communication between telehealth service providers and the patients. Thus, billing for telemedicine and telehealth services poses a higher possibility of errors, needing a double check for information.

Claim Scrubbing

In telemedicine medical services, most of the communication between the providers and patients takes place through interactive video and audio sources; the very first step is to correctly transcribe the clinical data and then move on to check and eliminate the possible errors in the claims.

Accuracy in Claims Submission

Not every service offered by the telehealth system is eligible for reimbursements. Experts at PRG check on the insurance eligibility in advance and then move on to submit the claims within the 48-hour window of the claims scrubbing and preparation.

HIPAA Compliance

Telemedicine and telehealth providers are at an increased risk for data hacks and security breaches. Thus, our telemedicine medical billing services are protected by HIPAA-compliant protocols. At PRG, we leverage the use of advanced encryption tools to protect clinical and billing data.

Telemedicine and Telehealth Payments

The quick increase in telemedicine and telehealth services has, in turn, increased the concerns of provider practices regarding the methods and subsequent use of telemedicine payment tools. In addition to the upfront collections, there are additional copays and insurance reimbursements that necessitate an expert billing team.

Payment Posting

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. records every detail regarding the patients and payment collection status for maintaining instant post payments. Especially for the remote care processes to proceed with the follow-up visits, the payment posting process needs to be accurate and fast.

Get Timely Reports and Collection Statements

The digital payment posting with the monthly and weekly reports of the collections creates a clearer picture of the account receivables. The collection reports are thus prepared and shared by PRG medical billing teams to help provider practices make timely and correct decisions.

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