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Acupuncture Medical Billing Service

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., is a top-tier Acupuncture medical billing services provider company. Our expert team offers effective RCM, targeted results, and outstanding customer service. We boast professional standard medical billing operations, run by an expert team equipped with the experience and skills that clients look forward to. We are a unique Acupuncture billing company in the USA. Moreover, we are more than a claims processing entity, as we offer various other benefits, including trustworthy provider credentialing and RCM services for your Acupuncture practice. Outsourcing medical billing services to us reduces the office expenses of our clients. At PRG, you get a complete business solution to your billing and practice management needs.

Acupuncture Medical Billing Services for New Practices

Is your medical practice new? Are you apprehensive about diving into the unfamiliar world of insurance? Or are you tired of the complicated insurance billing for Acupuncture? At PRG, we genuinely understand the precise needs of every Acupuncturist. Our Acupuncture medical billing services help to minimize paperwork, cut down office hours, and fetch faster and higher reimbursements. Our team understands the intricacies of Acupuncture insurance billing and has a vast knowledge base and experience to deal with your unique requirements. Let PRG take care of your billing operations and claims processing, so you can spend even more time caring for your patients and boosting your business. Acupuncture and Allergy Immunology Billing services are our core specialties so that you can trust our billing processes. We take ownership of our work, keeping customer services our foremost priority.

Achieve faster reimbursements

and streamline your revenue cycle

Outsource your Billing Operations to PRG – Top Acupuncture Billing Company

Our billing and auditing team is well-trained and receives constant education/training for the latest challenges in Acupuncture medical billing service payer requirements and coding audits. Our continuous focus on customer-centric approaches ensures that the claims we submit are precise and do not delay reimbursements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Acupuncture Medical Billing Services & Operations to PRG

Most physicians claim that acupuncture medical billing is one of the most challenging billing services owing to its ever-changing codes. If you want to outsource your billing operations to shift your focus solely on running your practice, Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers top-of-the-line medical billing service. Our team is devoted to achieving sustainable growth to benefit our client medical practices by providing top-quality billing services. At PRG, we work to promote mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients. The key benefits of our professional billing services include but are not limited to:

Targeted Focus on Patients

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., is a third party billing company working to free up a considerable amount of time for medical practices. This time can be better spent on patient care while keeping up with the patient volume, and then some to increase the practice revenue.

Getting Quicker Payments

The revenue cycle time and days in AR do pose a significant impact. Thus, outsourcing your Acupuncture billing operations to PRG gets your claims submission quicker. All of this makes sure that you receive timely payment from payors.

Patient Satisfaction

Our Acupuncture billing targets and improves patient satisfaction scores by boosting patient flow. Your patients will appreciate professional assistance with their billing-related issues and queries.

Practice Compliance

Our team of expert billing and auditors stay up-to-date with the current healthcare changes, thus keeping all our partner practices compliant.

Increasing Revenue

PRG’s billing servicers focus primarily on re-reprocessing, timely submission of claims and appeals, and keeping up to date with the current guidelines and policies that drive revenue, guaranteeing a boost in your practice’s cash inflow. 

PRG Offers Cost Effective Billing Services

We specialize in comprehensive acupuncture medical billing services and cater to various other specialties, including Allergy and Immunology, ensuring accurate and efficient financial management for healthcare providers. PRG offers targeted billing services to help you save staff, time, hardware, and stress costs. We fully cover your billing operations, letting you focus solely on patient care. 

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