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CPT CODE 96372:

Whether you are an insurance provider, a healthcare practitioner, or a medical coding specialist, you will have undoubtedly used the CPT code 96372. Despite this, many medical billing services providers especially medical coders, need help with the appropriate use of CPT 96372. As a result, many healthcare providers are not getting proper reimbursements. Thus, medical coders must understand the 96372 CPT code description and use it to bill for services accurately.

CPT Code 96372

American Medical Association’s (Current Procedural Terminology) CPT 96372 is a medical practice that falls under the category of:

  • Targeted therapy
  • Prophylactic
  • Diagnostic Injections
  • Infusions (Excluding chemotherapy in addition to other complex pharmacologic agent management)

96372 CPT Code Reimbursement Criteria in 2024

The CPT code reimbursement is authorized when injections are done alone or combined with other processes permissible by NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiative) process-to-process modification.
When invoiced with an E/M (Evaluation and Management) Service, citing the CPT codes from 99201 to 99499 of the same rendering source on the same day of operations, the additional 96372 CPT code reimbursement will not be permissible. If a physician gives medicine, it should be noted with the drug name and dosage details on the CMS-1500 Box 19 or in the other comparable loop and section of 837P.

Common Reasons for CPT code 96372 Denials

Below are the common reasons for the CPT code 96372 denials as per CMS and AMA CPT Guidelines:

  • The denial may occur if a physician reports the CPT 96372 inside a facility setting.
  • Submitting CPT 96372 along with an E/M service and the specific CMS Place of Services codes, including 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 51, 52, and 61, all for the same patient from the same physician. That, too, on the same service date, will result in the E/M service getting reimbursement, regardless of any additional modifiers reported with injections.
  • For billing any additional E/M service offered along with the injection in the same visit, the healthcare practitioner must ensure that appropriate documentation is kept in place.
  • Performing CPT code 96372 definitely will result in non-reimbursement for this code if done:
    1. Without a proper patient assortment
    2. Without the provision of consent
    3. With Safety oversights
    4. In the absence of intra-service supervision from staff in a non-facility setting, and then that too by a provider who is not a physician
  • Missing or incorrect modifiers can also lead to the denial of CPT code 96272.
  • Using 96372 for billing a service provided in a previous visit or even billed as an E/M code for the same visit will also result in the denial.
  • CPT 96372 must be accurately documented to indicate that it is an independent service from other services rendered to a patient on the same day.
  • CPT code 96372 use for vaccination is inappropriate; thus, the below codes should be used instead, including:
    1. 90471
    2. 90472
    3. G0008 (for Medicare)
  • Appropriate CPT codes for billing injection related to Chemotherapy are 96401 – 96402.

What is Modifier 59?

Modifier 59 identifies services or procedures other than the E/M services, which are not ideally reported together. However, these are still appropriate under certain circumstances. What’s more here is that documentation must support:

  • A different session
  • Different procedures or surgery
  • Different site or organ system
  • Separate excision or incision
  • A separate injury or area of injury in case of extensive injuries.

-all are not usually performed or encountered on the same day through a provider.

The Final Words

Medical billing and coding tasks are rather demanding, and it might make little economic or strategic sense for your practice to run these operations in-house. Furthermore, the healthcare industry is evolving at an extraordinary rate, making it more difficult for a healthcare practice to adequately keep up with the changing rules and regulations of healthcare billing and coding. Consequently, outsourcing your billing and coding operations is an ideal way to make your billing process more manageable and increase patient satisfaction. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.’s billing and medical coding team undergoes extensive training to understand patient demographics, ICD codes with modifiers, CPT code 96372, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CPT 96373 can be billed only in a facility setting when a procedure is performed under the supervision of a doctor. The code must be billed for every injection, not per each drug administered.
The CPT 96372 is for injection of a substance or drug under the skin and into the muscle.
The CPT codes notify the insurance payer of which procedures the healthcare practitioner would like to get reimbursements for.