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Dermatology Medical Billing Services

Dermatology medical billing is the best of what we do in the USA. Most providers do not realize that dermatology medical billing services initiate a patient’s first contact with the medical practitioner’s office. The process starts with the initial scheduling process and goes through the entire procedure till the point where the entirety of the remaining bill is paid. Here expert billers confirm what parts of treatment are covered and then calculate how much the payor will pay. In this way, patients fully understand the bills from the beginning, thus eliminating the probability of any surprises which may result in unpaid bills.

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. a Dermatology Medical Billing Company

PRG offers the best dermatology medical billing services, RCM, billing audit services, and credentialing services to healthcare practices in the USA. The core area of our expertise is dermatology billing; it has been a long-standing and the complicated specialty for comprehensive medical billing services. Dermatology necessitates in detail information on procedures. These include biopsy, lesion destruction, and excision. It is imperative to note that most CPT codes in dermatology fall under multiple procedure rules; thus, an in-depth understanding of post-op periods and modifiers is necessary. 

Dermatology entails an ever-changing and complex insurance reimbursement, and the specialty itself has seen a significant evolution in its workflow. Today’s dermatology medical billing companies have expanded beyond surgical and medical procedures to a massive range of cosmetic services. This requires medical providers to embrace technology, manage performance, and develop processes across distinct and varying service lines. This is where a holistic revenue cycle management company like PRG can add value to your medical practice.

Optimize Your Dermatology Medical Billing

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Our Expertise in Dermatology Medical Billing

Our team of medical billers is professional in addition to being competent in understanding the unique metrics of dermatology billing. We cater to a client base spanning over 50 states in the USA and  cover a wide range of physician practices, hospitals, and clinics. We also have a skilled team of RCM experts, billing auditors, and a complete provider credentialing team at PRG. Our services are comprehensive, and we offer one-stop solutions for all your medical billing needs.

Benefits of Partnering with a Dermatology Medical Billing Company

There are many reasons for dermatology practices to outsource their billing operations to a third-party billing company. Moreover, outsourcing is ideal for dermatology practices, as it comes with additional benefits, including the following: 

Boosting Revenue

Expert billers and auditors at PRG come with decades of industry-specific experience and continuously go through training to improve your billing operations. Statistically, your revenue depends on the accuracy of the submission of every claim. It implies that you need to partner with trained medical billers to avoid losing your hard-earned revenue. Billing companies do not get paid unless you do, so they have a huge incentive to fight for each claim, boosting your bottom line.

Save Money on In-house Staff and Resources

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers a complete and responsive outsourcing platform to dermatology practices. It means that you will save money on hiring the back-end staff. Thus, when you decide to outsource your operations as a medical practitioner, you won’t have to deal with hiring, software, or salary expenses.

Error Reduction

Choosing professional dermatology medical billing services minimizes the risks of submitting erroneous claims. Top dermatology billers go through extensive repetitive training on auditing and billing procedures. Partnering with a third-party healthcare billing company reduces the chances of claims rejections, getting you more on-time revenue.

Increasing your Practice Credibility

Medical practices that often run into incorrect billing instances or procedures risk appearing unreliable and thus losing patients. When all bills are processed correctly and promptly, your dermatology practice will boast a good reputation among your patients.

Following through with HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare billing companies are trained and adhere to HIPAA compliance rules and regulations. Practitioners will never have to worry about putting their practice at risk for not following up on patient privacy laws.

Get Increased Patient Care by Outsourcing Your Medical Billing to PRG

With trusted and reliable dermatology medical billing services, your practice gets better at managing financial needs. Plus, you also stand to reduce the stress and workload of your staff. With less on your plate, you get to focus more on patient care while our experts take care of the financial aspects of your practice. We offer comprehensive medical billing solutions for Dermatology, along with a range of other specialties including Emergency Medicine billing. Experience our expertise across multiple disciplines to streamline your billing processes and maximize revenue.

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