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Hospitalist Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing your hospitalist medical billing helps your practice by decreasing the denial margins and increasing your collection fast. Our billing procedures involve transparency to let providers experience the growth resulting from our expert inputs. We ensure that the claims don’t have errors to reduce the A/R days. Moreover, our hospitalist medical billing services are customized to your practice demands. It integrates the billing approach that is most useful for your practice.

Let Us Handle Your Hospitalist Medical Billing Services the Way You Want

Get quick and on-time reimbursements, decrease the AR wait time, and serve patients profitably with our best-in-class medical billing. We offer hospitalist medical billing services specifically designed to meet your needs. At Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., we understand the importance of efficient cash flow, revenue management, and timely reimbursements. We will ensure you never have to worry about filing or following up on denied claims. We offer exceptional medical billing services as one of the most trustworthy hospitalist medical billing companies. 

Outsourcing Our Hospitalist

Medical Billing Services Save Time!

Our Hospitalist Medical Billing Process Generates the Most Valuable Outcomes

The billing process initiates after a patient comes to your practice and receives accurate treatment. This is where we come to serve your practice with our exceptional hospitalist medical billing services. We capture patients’ information at the front door and fill their bills after they receive the complete treatment. Once you outsource your medical billing, you will never encounter any delay in closing patients’ bills by our efficient billing staff. Our billing services are helpful in capturing patient details, sending the claims, and obtaining final payment for reimbursements. We go beyond hospitalist medical billing services and specialize in a range of fields, including Hematology, to ensure comprehensive healthcare revenue management.

Immediate Collections and Practice Management

We help the providers collect patient details and maintain their records. While the patient receives medical care, all treatment details are recorded to make the billing easier. There is usually no need to waste time on any billing procedure that cannot generate useful outcomes for your practice. We inform patients of the necessary details, like insurance plans and out-of-pocket payments.

Hospitalist Electronic Claims

Our billers will match the patients’ treatments with their insurance plans and update the providers about patient coverage. We compile the billable entities and send them for claim reimbursements. This step is crucial; with our billing experts, you can be sure there will be no common errors. We cross-check the bill for errors and compliance with all regulations. We send the claim to the insurance company without errors for verification and payment. The reimbursement process will run smooth as long as all of the received treatments, diagnoses, and procedures correspond to the bill.

Accounts Receivable Management

Receivables management involves tracking the claims and ensuring they are paid on schedule and to the appropriate accounts. We have an extensive experience with a large group of insurance companies so we know how to communicate with them effectively. This will help your practice to get reimbursements with proficiency. Handling claim denial and rejection is part of our hospitalist medical billing services. First, we identify the reason for the rejection or error in the claim. Then we use our experience and skill to resolve it quickly. A final check would resolve the claim issues before we resubmit it to the insurance provider for verification and payment.

Increase Efficiency

We involve standard billing approaches to improve the efficiency of your medical practice. Our team quickly reviewed patient data and found gaps in the provided information. It prepares your practice to rectify the cause of claim denials before they happen. Our experts take proper follow-up to fulfill the missing details in the patient’s medical documents.

Stay Compliant

We keep our hospitalist medical billing services compliant with the existing regulatory implementations. Our team indulges the best billing practices to contrive real-time benefits and results. It offers a list of opportunities like an increase in patient growth, proper bill generation, and improved claim acceptance. We are committed to taking the stress out of your medical staff with the proper knowledge of the new billing guidelines.

Outsourcing your Hospitalist Medical Billing Increase Benefits for Your Practice

We offer exceptional hospitalist medical billing services that your practice experiences in the form of rise in practice growth and revenue outcomes. Our experts regulate your practice to record every patient’s bills and help your practice to fix the reason behind claim denials. We make hospitalist medical billing services easy for your practice and offer enough time for managing your practice needs. You will get unlimited benefits by outsourcing your hospitalist medical billing. PRG helps you manage your billing tasks because we know how to get your claims paid accurately to increase revenue growth. We manage your billing parameters like the expert and experienced hospitalist billing companies.

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