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Medical Billing Services in Pennsylvania (PA)

Data entry done correctly ensures financial correctness and cuts down on practice time. In contrast to other Pennsylvania billing organizations, our medical billing services are far less expensive and concentrate on specialty-based billing. This is a fantastic opportunity to increase revenue for your practice at a fair price. We were in charge of provider interactions, information management, claim adjudication, and payment for the state-wide medical screening programmers. Obtain expert medical billing services in Pennsylvania (PA) to meet your financial goals.

Outsourced Medical Billing Services in Pennsylvania Protects Your Practice from the Billing Irregularities

During audits, keep providers informed and secure. We maintain a sophisticated knowledge base on billing standards and offer training. Before submitting claims to insurers, our crew completes all data entry services, including rigorous analysis. For guaranteed improvement, we are always prepared to carry out immediate posting, claim follow-up, and reconcile monthly reporting. In addition, we have a prominent billing experience across the USA, including Texas (TX) and Illinois (IL).

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Our Expert Medical Billing Services

No One Else Can Handle Your Billing Needs Like Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

We provide expert medical billing services for medical practices of all sizes. Our qualified billers have a great deal of experience with medical billing. We keep up with changing regulations and rules that could affect how effectively your practice operates. We can help healthcare providers and reduce costs as well as payer rejections. By contracting with us for medical billing, you may resolve your personnel difficulties. Our knowledgeable billers are always available to help you meet your medical billing goals. If you need experts who can oversee the entire medical billing procedure for your practice, get in touch with us.

Remind Patients About Remaining Balance

When scheduling appointments, patients should be advised of their current balance. If patients are prompted to make a payment before their visit, they are more likely to do so after the session.

Set office billing standards

To assist your team in using billing software and calculating charge submissions more rapidly, we adhere to the finest billing practices. High-quality billing services will increase your patients’ propensity to pay you promptly, which can improve your cash flow.

Improve managing patient eligibility

Verify each patient’s insurance eligibility before the appointment. U.S. Healthcare claims that manually confirming medical insurance coverage entails a predetermined fee for each verification. You can speed your eligibility verification process by outsourcing medical billing services, though. The process will make it easier to submit claims and collect patient payments.

Ensure timely patient payment collection

Collect money at the point of service to ensure that you get paid before the patient leaves. It takes effort and costs money to keep patients informed about their billing statements on a regular basis. Furthermore, late payments could slow down your revenue cycle. As a result, our professionals assist you in collecting payments and shorten the AR days.

Provide Plans for Payment

Payment plans may be more advantageous for patients who want to pay but are unable to do so all at once. Patients may feel better at ease paying for necessary services if they are given various payment choices. Patients who receive higher-priced invoices are unable to pay the full amount right away. Ideally, these options need to be available to such patients. Check that the payment arrangements adhere to all relevant local, state, and federal laws.

Competitive Billing Tools

With our top-tier technology and round-the-clock accessibility, we can provide great billing service with just a phone call. Your questions about the state of your accounts receivable can be answered by our professionals.

Choose Electronic-Statements

Our electronic payment collection sites allow patients to easily make payments from home at any time of day. Utilize our cutting-edge medical billing software to increase the speed of payment collection. You can save money on paper, printing, and mailing by collecting payments online. You should do this to reduce the cost of filing patient bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical billing is the process of submitting claims to health insurance providers and then following up to get paid for the medical services that were rendered.

Our knowledgeable staff will automatically examine and resubmit claims as necessary. We will cooperate with your employees to locate and deliver extra documents if an insurer requests it.

Yes, we provide clients with a monthly newsletter that highlights significant billing changes. When necessary, we will call, fax, or email you about time-sensitive matters. We keep up so you may concentrate on your patients.

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