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Wound Care Medical Billing Services in USA

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. has a team of expert medical billers with experience handling the holistic cycle of medical billing activities. These activities range from determining insurance eligibility to further submission of claims and finally doing routine follow-ups. Furthermore, wound care is a treatment that is offered by physician practices of all sizes. Choosing professional wound care medical billing services involves going for a scalable model that fits any size and needs, thus making it a challenge to care providers. The team at PRG offers a full suite of third-party medical billing services, with 24/7 ongoing support for provider practices all across the USA.

Maximize Revenue with Dedicated Wound Care Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., is a top third party healthcare revenue cycle management services provider. Medical billing is our top most popular service. We offer our partners a customized wound care medical billing services suite to ensure all your claims are filed adequately with up-to-date codes. At PRG, we manage provider credentialing, medical billing audits, annual payer adjustments with payback, and more. Wound care medical billing services and coding are complex for many reasons. First of which is that it can take place in varying types of facilities. This rings true even for a single patient treatment for the same wound, as when a hospital patient is released, the wound care continues at the outpatient center. Furthermore, for accurate wound care and Gynecology healthcare billing services, each encounter must be billed correctly, paid quickly, and paid as per the contract. Furthermore, it shall also include code details indicating the location.

Optimize your Wound Care Services Revenue

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Outsource Wound Care Billing to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Outsourcing wound care medical billing services is a low-cost method for increasing revenue. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. staff follows training of HIPAA compliance rules, thus ensuring your patient information remains safe. Furthermore, we have qualified billers with experience in wound care billing services. Equally important and even more significant benefit of having PRG take care of all your billing hassles is a massive reduction in physician stress. Most of our clients report finding their practice enjoyable once again.

Benefits of Outsourcing Wound Care Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is a professional and leading wound care medical billing provider across the USA. We specialize in delivering dependable, accurate, and quick billing services. The team at PRG knows the complexities of wound care medical billing and fully understands the vital need to use correct codes and paperwork to ensure that all our clients receive the maximum reimbursements. That is in addition to getting payment in the shortest amount of time. Furthermore advantages of outsourcing wound care medical billing services to PRG include the following:

1. Reasonable Pricing

Our wound care billing services are efficient and cost-effective, reducing expenditures.

2. Data Safety

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare billing company with strict security standards in place.

3. Tools and Technologies

The team at PRG makes use of specialized wound care medical billing tools in addition to the software specifically designed for wound care billing needs.

4. Top-Quality Services

Our rigorous quality assurance processes and systems ensure that you always get maximum reimbursements and quicker payments.

5. Quicker Turn-Around

We are a leading and top provider of wound care medical billing services and promptly provide our expert services on time.

6. Team of Billing/Auditing Experts

Our expert audit and billing team has years of niche-based industry experience in wound care billing services. We offer top-of-the-line customer support and services.

Professional Wound Care Medical Billing Near You

Wound care billing can boost your practice revenue regarding serious wounds. Some kinds of wounds which are eligible for better reimbursements include:

  • Injuries requiring a high level of cleaning
  • Removal of objects like stones or metals from wounds
  • Deeper cuts need detailed cleaning
  • Removal of necrotic tissues from the wounds

Wounds needing Anesthesia for proper cleaning

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