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How Orthopedic Medical Billing Works?
Orthopedic medical billing and coding involve complex musculoskeletal disorders like fractures, arthritis, and dislocations. The medical billing of orthopedic services has to cover all aspects of the skeletal system, including joints, muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons. Secure your claims from an intermittent refusal by accurately filling bills. This also requires the details of acquired medical processes along with supporting documents. We offload the exhaustive revenue stream by handling your billing responsibilities while improving claim acceptance. Offer orthopedic services with freedom while we manage the Orthopedic Medical Billing A/R collections and claim follow-up for fast payment approval.

Performing Orthopedic Medical Billing Services: Steps To Success

Acquire valuable and trackable Orthopedic Medical Billing Services from Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. We have made it easier to practice your orthopedic services without the fear of outstanding claims or missed account receivables. We offer the best orthopedic medical billing services that your practice requires to boost your income. Let us incorporate a special billing procedure that seamlessly guides you through complex tasks of orthopedic trauma and surgery treatments.

1. Data Transfer Over A Secure Channel

Technology brings revolution and quickly changes the healthcare system for the better. Our experts transmit user data in secure ways. These channels make the information end-to-end encrypted. We use decentralized and well-connected technology suites to ensure the information is collected accurately in real time. We utilize smarter and self-organized tools and technologies to secure data from cyber-attacks. We know the importance of data integrity for HIPAA-compliant medical facilities. Our experts track your patients’ medical files for safe transmission and alerting on the data-breach.

2. Invoice Processing

Let your claim pass through the first phase of payors’ scrutiny for higher revenue gains. We comply with HIPAA regulations while performing medical billing for your practice. We don’t compromise the quality and efficiency of your healthcare services. That’s why we incorporate robust billing software. Never miss mentioning the provided medical services on the patient’s bills. Acquire the expertise of our certified billing professionals from the Physicians Revenue Group today.

3. Inspection And Quality Control For Orthopedic Medical Billing

Manual Billing Procedures may leave a lot of mistakes in patients’ bills.  These surge your denial rate. We don’t stop after creating patients’ bills. The bills we create undergo comprehensive reviews from our expert quality assurance staff. Every information snippet is closely assessed under the HIPAA and payors’ regulations. No claim passes out for payors’ approval until we deem it appropriate.

4. Managing Denials

Rejected claims are reconsidered to evaluate mistakes for getting fewer denials. Irrespective that every claim is processed keenly in the first cycle, we revise claims to find and fix unforeseen errors. We have a diligent team of billers who swiftly validate EOB of claim rejection and rectify them quickly. Reduce the turnaround time of your claims to acquire maximum reimbursements on time.

5. Final Claims Submission

Claim rejection increases when there are errors in the billing reports. Balance your work efficiency and revenue while focusing on patient care. We have made it easier with our technology-driven billing expertise. We remove the hurdles in claims submission with our high-technology platforms via digital means. Avoid unauthorized modifications in claims by securely transmitting data under the robust supervision of industry-driven experts.

How Does Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. Handle Your Orthopedic Medical Billing Needs?

Medical billing is a combination of intricate processes. In contrast, the in-house handling of billing activities can never provide comparable results. It is difficult for medical facilities to comply with changing billing regulations. Our certified billers handle your billing tasks according to compliance regulations.
Our devoted group of medical billers can help you grow your practice. Our services adhere to all CMS Orthopedic Billing requirements to ensure optimum reimbursement. At Physicians Revenue Group, Inc the billing takes place in real-time, without mistakes, as we ensure claim eligibility, reducing the risk of claim denial and refusal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Common Orthopedic Procedures That Require Medical Billing?

Some common orthopedic procedures that require medical billing include joint replacements, arthroscopy, fracture care, spinal surgery, and sports medicine procedures.

What Should I Do If The Insurance Company Denies A Claim?

If the insurance company denies a claim, you should review the reason for the denial and make any necessary corrections or resubmit the claim with additional documentation. If you still encounter issues, you may need to appeal the decision or consult with a medical billing specialist.

What Are Some Common Errors To Avoid When Submitting Orthopedic Medical Claims?

Common errors to avoid when submitting orthopedic medical claims include incorrect patient information, incorrect procedure codes, lack of necessary documentation, and failure to follow up on claims.

As A Medical Practice, How Can I Ensure Timely Payments For Orthopedic Medical Claims?

To ensure timely payments for orthopedic medical claims, make sure to submit accurate and complete claims, follow up on any denied or delayed claims, and stay up to date on any changes to insurance policies and regulations. Consider working with a medical billing specialist to help streamline the billing process.