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Mental Health Medical Billing Services

We understand that your mental health practice might undergo some complicated situations while managing the medical billing touchpoints. You will always find the Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. team available to offer the best mental health medical billing services for managing complex billing matters. Outsourcing medical billing services will facilitate your staff to manage the front-desk tasks while we take care of the patient’s bills. Our objective is to maximize insurance and patient collections so that you can focus on patient care and grow your practice. We will update you on the latest government regulations with our trained team specializing in new billing protocols.

Get the Top Mental Health Billing Facilities from Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

The billing specialists here at PRG have an elaborate knowledge of the existing practice management software. We help you to get the most out of the best EHRs to outperform your practice needs. Our team ensures to make everything accessible for your medical staff, including transparency and continuous peace of mind. We never keep your medical staff unfamiliar with the progress made with the involvement of our billing experts. We cater to various other specialties, including Neonatology, ensuring accurate and efficient financial management for healthcare providers.

Our Experts Verify Your Claims to Increase

the Rate of First-Pass Acceptance

Reduce Claim Denials by Outsourcing Mental Health Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. incorporates the best-of-all mental health medical billing services to let you experience improvement in your practice bottom line. We have experts trained in medical billing and extensive knowledge of the new billing protocols. Our team takes your mental health billing to the next level. We include the parameters of success in your practices’ billing to maximize the acceptance of claims at the first pass. Outsourcing your mental health medical billing will save you time and energy for your practice. Let our billing professionals mitigate the false patient information to stop claim denials.

Comprehensive Billing Management

We start your mental health medical billing by collecting patients’ data, managing bills, and submitting claims. However, our mental health billers ensure to rectify the chances of errors before submitting claims. This will improve your rate of first-pass claim acceptance and reduce denials. Outsourcing mental health billing services will decrease denials to the least level. Meanwhile, your practice starts receiving the pending insurance money without waiting too long.

Exceptional Mental Health Medicals Billing Services

PRG operates your mental health billing with great care so that your staff can get time to manage their responsibilities. Your patients will receive accurate bills according to the existing mental health billing guidelines. Our billers are specialized to effectively carry out the billing of every single treatment they acquired. No matter how many patients your practice needs to encounter daily, we are always prepared to manage everything related to medical billing.

E-claim Submission

We offer advanced billing tools and link your practice with the best management software to keep your practice up-to-date. Let us reduce the claim errors to the minimum by sending your claims electronically. This will facilitate your medical staff by decreasing the efforts made for manual bills and reducing errors.

Real-time Billing Reports

PRG brings improvement in your practice efficiency by offering real-time results in the form of customized billing reports. It involves everything from the amount of patient influx to the total number of bills closed and the debt still pending from the payer companies. As one of the leading companies for mental health billing, we ensure that our experts remain answerable and show the results they provide. We ensure to add every detail so your staff doesn’t need anyone else to understand the progress your experts have made.

Exceptional Claims Follow-up

Our billing specialists manage the claims until your practice is reimbursed for its services. We follow up on the claims that are still being accepted by the insurance companies. PRG involves top billing expertise and trained professionals who monitor outstanding claims. We never let your claims receive denials and proceed with them for appeal. We aim to improve your practice’s bottom line by decreasing the pending revenue.

Experience Growth in Your Revenue with Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. has proven its abilities in medical billing with its long-standing billing experience. We benefit your mental health practice by adding accuracy to the charge-capture and following verified billing procedures. Our talented team of medical billers keeps getting follow-ups on the claims they submit to the insurance companies. This increases your practice’s efficiency in receiving immediate payouts without taking so long. Let us manage your bottom line with our revenue cycle management services and benefit from our top-mark mental health medical billing services.

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