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Physical Medicine Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. helps providers restore the quality of their physical medicine medical billing. As you treat your patients, we help manage your medical billing needs. Our billers are experts in providing scalable physical medicine medical billing services to enhance your billing mechanism. We help your physical medicine practice and let you outsource the time-taking medical billing tasks to our skilled team of medical billers. You can uplift the standard of your physical therapy by outsourcing medical billing services to PRG, a reliable physical medicine billing company.

Get Expert Physical Medicine Medical Billing Services to Meet Your Billing Requirements

Our team is mindful of their billing responsibilities and fully engages in your physical medicine billing operations. Our physical medicine billing specialists help you to never charge patients for services they never received. From running pre-eligibility tests to denial management, PRG incorporates the best ways to improve your financial status swiftly. Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. boasts the best team of billing professionals who are experts in their field and proceed with every claim utilizing a specialized billing approach. In addition, we provide podiatry medical billing services to drive adequate reimbursement.

Get the Best Results and

Gain Maximum Revenue

Outsource Physical Medicine Billing For Your Financial Growth

Our Physical Medical Billing Solutions are exceptional and help providers add sustainability to their financial bottom line. Outsource physical medicine billing to the highly professional billing team of PRG. We estimate the loopholes in your existing billing system and integrate the result-oriented parameters to balance out your practice finances. We care for the money your practice deserves in every situation, regardless of the list of payor partners. Let us help you acquire maximum financial benefits for your physical medicine practice.

Prior Eligibility Check-up

We start performing our physical medicine medical billing services as your patient arrives at your practice’s front desk. The pre-eligibility criterion is up-to-date with the current healthcare guidelines. We never miss out on the instructions given by your payors. Let our team help you confirm the status of your patient insurance plans. This will help your medical staff to determine the patient collectibles and treat them accordingly.

Demographic Information Acquirement

PRG offers its expertise in physical medicine with knowledgeable and practical medical billers. We acquire patients’ details according to their demographic. Our team ensures the accuracy of the information. PRG ensures your medical team that the information will always remain up-to-date. We also help your team to know the status of their patients by keeping the data accessible and updated.

Timely Charge Entry

Outsource physical medicine billing to let our experts ensure the overall charge entry is done accurately. PRG ensures that the initial information is fulfilled and the accounts are detailed to troubleshoot your billing channels. Let our team confirm that the charges submitted to the payors are appropriate. This will elevate your physical medicine practice’s billing performance and save your practice from unmarked errors.

Accurate Claim Processing

Let experts at PRG help you submit timely claims. With this, we also ensure the accuracy of your medical claims for the maximum rate of payment approval. Our team is proficient in handling claims under the guidelines of medical payors and healthcare compliance regulations. We help you in achieving a sustainable record of first-rate claim acceptance. Our team executes comprehensive billing audits to estimate the point of revenue loss and fix them immediately.

PRG Offers the Result-Ensuring Physical Medicine Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. has a proven record of improving your practices’ health through medical billing services. Outsource your medical billing needs to PRG and get expert help for sustaining your financial performance. Your physical medicine practice receives professional claim handling and payment processing from the experts of PRG. If you are not receiving your required results from your in-house billing team, then no need to waste your precious time. We are always available to support your billing needs under our professional guidance. 

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