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Prostheses Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers the best Prostheses medical billing services in the USA. We boast an experienced team of professional billers and auditors to handle all of your prosthetics claims. At PRG, we do the entire heavy lifting for your practices’ front end, essentially making your life easier from day one. We help you focus solely on your patients while taking care of your entire medical billing operations. Our experts offer you actionable support leveraging decades of industry experience in medical billing services. With extensive billing experience and versatility of presence, our team ensures that all of your accounts are taken care of, irrespective of their source or size.

Outsource Prostheses Billing Services to Physicians Revenue Group. Inc.

One of the top advantages of outsourcing your prostheses medical billing services to PRG is the unique factor of our company to offer both pre and post-billing support. That too dedicatedly with flexible standards of communication. Additionally, billing operations require deep knowledge of reimbursement guidelines of Medicaid, Medicare, and other commercial plans. Prosthesis and psychiatry billing services are our major offerings, and both of these require continuous adherence to quality while staying up-to-date with all the current changes that are taking place in the reimbursement rules and documentation requirements. Adding to the problem, there is a possibility of denials, rejections, and instances of erroneous billing or invoices. Without a doubt, getting paid for medical services is a nightmare for independent medical practices. Physicians Revenue Group. Inc. offers the best third-party healthcare billing services for Prostheses. Our clients not only get faster reimbursements but also get the peace of mind that they deserve and can leverage to offer better patient care.

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Why Choose Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. as your Prostheses Billing Company?

PRG sets the ideal benchmark at the onset by offering streamlined front-end efforts, which include checking the eligibilities, communicating for a valid Rx with the provider office, assembling therapy notes, in addition to scheduling deliveries of the equipment. All combined sets a tone for submitting cleaner claims, which results in lesser denials and boosted revenue collections. With the highest level of workforce shortage, at PRG, we understand what consistency means and offer you top productivity metrics.

Advantages of Partnering with Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Below are some of the top advantages of partnering with PRG’s healthcare billing services:

Winning Philosophy of Support

At PRG, we believe in investing in our clients and teams to help them attain their full potential. Doing so nurtures a line of leaders who can treat your practice as if it was their own. The team at our company continually takes part in training and education courses throughout the USA to ensure industry-leading support and services.

Niche Experience in Prosthetics Industry

Our verifiable success and deep roots in the highly organized and regulated prosthesis billing industry ensure our comprehensive support for all types and sizes of healthcare practices. Our expert team’s collective industry experience is your guarantee that we can successfully navigate every type of complicated compliance and billing issue.

Proven Billing Services Performance

PRG not only supports your back-end billing and accounts receivables, but in addition, we also ensure your practices’ front-end success. We do that by effectively obtaining verifications and authorizations. Our billing services also offer compliance scrubs on each claim before Medicare submission. This attention to detail at PRG has earned our experts an industry leading audit pass rate of over 97% for claims with compliance scrubs.

Get 24/7 Support with Our Targeted Billing Services

We offer continuous professional support to our clients without needing any physical space at your facility. We work remotely in real-time to manage your medical billing, auditing, and RCM. We also offer on-demand conference calls to review your AR, address any issues, and maintain open communication. 

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