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Sleep Medicine Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers top sleep medicine medical billing services as a third-party billing company in the USA. We have a presence in over 50 states, with industry-specific expertise in dental sleep medicine billing, home sleep testing, daytime polysomnography, pediatric sleep testing, and other related sleep medicine procedures. Our medical billing operations are targeted to offer your timely, easier, and quicker reimbursements. Let our expert billers and auditors maximize your reimbursements. Our billing specialists ensure all of your claims are followed up aggressively. Get in touch with us today to outsource medical billing services and improve your bottom line.

Outsource Dental Sleep Medicine Billing Services to Physicians Revenue Group, Inc.

Are you looking for ways to streamline your dental sleep medicine billing operations better? Or are you on the lookout for talented and industry-expert medical billing professionals who can effectively take care of all your billing requirements? If so, the Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is your best bet for professional medical billing practices. We are a full-service RCM company specializing in sleep medicine and surgery medical billing services. Independent and small practice operations can outsource billing operations to us for quicker and easier reimbursements and streamlined operations for effective RCM. We offer niche-specific sleep medicine medical billing services to providers, and our experts can take care of all your needs. At PRG, we leverage the latest medical billing tools and technologies while delivering quality services to our partner medical practices. 

Maximize your dental sleep medicine revenue

Take your dental sleep medicine practice to new heights

Third Party Medical Billing for Somnologist Practices

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is a pioneer in offering the best quality sleep medicine medical billing services in the USA. We have some of the most industry-experienced and skilled sleep medicine medical billing services staff on board. Our staff can cater to all of your unique requirements with ease. Our billing services target to boost your reimbursements and increase your bottom line while preventing physicians’ burnout.

Why should you Outsource your Billing Operations to PRG?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider outsourcing your sleep medicine medical billing services to PRG, and these include the following:

Complexities of Sleep Medicine Billing

Sleep medicine poses some unique demands and challenges and demands highly trained personnel to ensure timely reimbursements and accurate claims filing for the service rendered. The sleep medicine branch of the industry is facing an increasing volume and the resulting costs of diagnostic services. Thus, making the entire process more complex, and this is where our sleep medicine billing services come for better streamlining of your billing processes.

Fast-Track Claims Cycle and Cash Flow

Our sleep medicine billing company significantly decreases the outstanding accounts payables by timely submission of claims that too within under 48 hours while also reducing claims cycles. Roughly 90% of account receivables get collected within 60 days for our client practices.

Reducing Costs

As our partner, you get to reduce your billing costs by lowering your operational costs, as you won’t have to worry about in-house billing. Hiring an in-house billing staff is rather expensive as compared to outsourcing to third-party billing companies like PRG.

Improving Collection Rates

As our partner practices, you won’t face any rejections or denials due to patient ineligibility, coding errors, and medical necessity. Our experts submit clean claims the first time around. Additionally, our consistent follow-up and management of denials offer an increase of over 10% to 30% in overall collected revenue for our clients.

Leverage Services of Our Expert Billing Specialists

All of our billing staff and experts are highly trained and also stay up-to-date with the recent billing and coding regulations. PRG do not solely rely on automated billing software to ensure coding accuracy. We leverage our auditing staff so you never have to try and navigate the ever-evolving coding regulations. We will also work to keep all your claims reporting compliant.

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