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Surgery Medical Billing Services

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers effective RCM and credentialing services to medical practices across the USA. We offer surgery medical billing services and auditing to large and small-scale practices. Our team works to reduce claim denials and fetch you maximum reimbursements for the services you offer. PRG has a client base for medical billing services that extends to 50 states, covering a massive range of healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, physicians’ practices, and more. Our billing and auditing team leverages their niche-based knowledge and expertise acquired by working with plastic surgeons for close to two decades. We offer our targeted services to improve your revenue and accelerate your practice growth.

PRG is your Plastic Surgery Medical Billing Partner

Billing services from Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. covers the entire range of insurance-related requirements of general and plastic surgery. Our general and plastic surgery medical billing services start from eligibility verification of the patients’ claim submissions and go to the post-submission follow-ups. Our teams have years of experience in dealing with general and plastic surgery cases, claims submissions, and claim preparation in general. Our team understands the nature of your medical practice, its scale, and size; thus, we offer you billing operations that are customized to your specific requirements. Our custom billing solutions help you meet your administrative and technical responsibilities, which are involved in claims preparation and submissions. All of these operations are targeted to improve your finances. PRG delivers this and more via a consulting model, where we help you streamline your revenue cycle management. Our experts do this by recommending suitable software which is helpful in plugging revenue leakages.

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Partner with PRG – A General Surgery Medical Billing Company

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. is a full-service RCM company specializing in general/plastic surgery and telemedicine medical billing services. We offer provider credentialing, auditing, and billing services to plastic and general surgeons, in addition to many other specialists. Moreover, we offer a wide-ranging array of scalable and customizable services. These include insurance/hospital credentialing, medical license applications with renewals, prior authorizations, clinical documentation reviews, and more.

Why Outsource Your Plastic Surgery Medical Billing to PRG?

The advantages you stand to gain by outsourcing your plastic and general surgery medical billing services to a third party company include but are not limited to the following:

Targeted and Quality Services

Our expert plastic surgery medical billing experts boast years of industry-leading experience. Our team focuses solely on offering better billing services by leveraging suitable software and easy-to-follow operations.

Increased Revenue

We are committed to offering cost-effective surgery medical billing services that help streamline your practice operations. Our experts put a smooth-running stack of billing operations in motion that targeted maximizing reimbursements.

HIPAA Compliance

At PRG, we offer wide-ranging plastic surgery billing services that fall under 100% compliance with all of the HIPAA guidelines. As your partner billers, we make sure all of the client data and the subsequent processes on it are absolutely secure.

Collections Management

Our plastic surgery billing services incorporate statement submission, fielding of patient calls, and collection management in addition to other services. We offer comprehensive and holistic billing services to streamline your RCM.

Denial Management

Management of denied claims is a vital element for sourcing a healthier cash flow. We are better equipped with the top of line auditing and billing professionals. We have hand-picked our team with decades of industry experience in the healthcare domain. Professionals at PRG are continuously going through education initiatives. This keeps the team at our company up-to-date with ever-changing knowledge, rules, and regulations.

Account Receivable Follow-Up

A running medical practice must always have an effective insurance model for recovering due payments from insurance providers, all within a specified time frame. Professional A/R follow-up helps medical practitioners to run their practices smoothly and successfully. Our experts make sure every client gets their timely reimbursements from insurance companies.

Get Excellent Billing Services Now

At Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., we truly understand all factors that come with plastic surgery medical billing services, and we employ proven practices to ensure swift and timely reimbursements. If your practice is looking for a full-scale billing and RCM company – PRG is your partner.

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