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Medical Billing Services in Florida (FL)

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. offers medical billing services in Florida to practices to boost their revenue and reduce the percentage of denied claims or unpaid claims. Our billing experts are present in most cities of Florida, offering you billing services with much less paperwork and more precise billing operations.

Medical Billing Services in Florida

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., is a medical billing service outsourcing company; our team of billers has helped countless clients grow their businesses by offering them appropriate and required resources. We help our clients maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced industry. We have a list of successful partnerships in various states of the USA, including Florida and Georgia (GA).

Our expert billers in Florida are tracking the declining rate of reimbursements, which has been dipping for a decade. Our experts have also devised a solution to curtail the dip, and the basic answer lies in Florida’s statutes. The local billers in Florida are the key to unlocking the blocked cash flows and can offer efficient methods for improving your practice’s efficiency.

Below are some of the services that our billers are specialists in:

  • Same day claims and bills processing
  • Accounts receivable analysis
  • Weekly and monthly productivity reports to practitioners 
  • Commencement of procedure, codes audit and analysis regularly
  • Reviewing fee schedules for sending out updates

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Who are We?

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., is a leading medical billing outsourcing company with vast operations in Florida. We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) services to physicians based in Florida and country-wide. Our primary objective is to help medical professionals manage their business in a way that facilitates them to focus more on patient care operations and not the paperwork.

Medical Billing Services in Florida

To maintain your healthcare workflow efficiency, Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. lets you generate electronic claims and reduce administrative costs. This will minimize claim errors and carry out an easy exchange of claims.

Our Value Addition

Our billing services in Florida are not only limited to major cities but extend to smaller cities and towns of Florida. All of our expert billers and auditors exceed metrics of HIPAA compliance and are also expertly trained in preferred languages, including Spanish. In addition, our experts are known nationwide for their past successful engagements for medical billing administrative skills, proficient data entry management, in addition to good oral and written communication.  

Our medical billers in Florida execute particular tasks, which include:

  • Reviewing encounter forms for correctness in ICD-10 coding audits
  • Preserving records of the pre-existing coverage and billing rules
  • Posting charges along with payments to accounts
  • Making follow-up calls to insurance providers for the smooth resolution of inconsistencies in payments
  • Regular reporting to physicians
  • Offering customer support by understanding and clarifying EOBS, co-insurance, co-pays, and patient deductibles
  • Entering and revision of patient demographics

Medical Billing in Florida - Our Specialties

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. not only assists medical practices in boosting income but also works to ensure appropriate reimbursements while offering coding audit services, and medical billing to varying specialties, including cardiology, dental, and many more.

Finest in The Industry

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc., medical billing in Florida surpasses client expectations, and we pride ourselves on our history. Still, most importantly, our drive is to make the future even better for medical practitioners. We have grown exponentially in recent years by continuously investing in the latest technology and people while continuing a commitment to superior services and innovation. As a result, we offer the highest level of customer service, along with warranting the top success rates of reimbursements, so your money goes where it belongs, back into your pocket.

At Physicians Revenue Group – We Care

Electronic health records, practice management tools, and comprehensive billing services – Physicians Revenue Group covers all facets of your medical practice. We are the industry leaders in pricing, offering custom support for each client. Our team of experts has experience working with medical groups and physicians for decades; thus, we genuinely understand the navigation of medical billing services in Florida in today’s complex healthcare revenue environment.

We help you with your financial needs!

We offer comprehensive, timesaving, and cost-effective medical billing services for your Florida-based medical practice. Are you ready to outsource your billing operations? We will guide you through your account receivables, ensuring your claims are paid on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We boost your cash flow and reputation regardless of whether you are in charge of general practice or specialist care. You can comply with legal standards with our trustworthy billing service.

We manually submit claims using forms for businesses not yet set up to receive claims electronically. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) results in an electronic response from insurance providers. It is the best technique to submit claims because it gets results quicker.

Successful insurance models aid healthcare organizations in speedy payment recovery from compensation suppliers. We perform follow-ups on the accounts receivable (A/R) to closely check your account essentials.

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